Technical Report On The Fabrication Of A Fan Blade

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In recent times, most of the household appliances are using electric power and as such, electricity shortage has become a major problem throughout the world. Ceiling fan is one of such appliances that consume electric power. The best way to minimize the power consumption of the ceiling fan is to reduce the weight of the ceiling fan blade. Thus, this project work entails the design of a new ceiling fan blade in which case the weight and power consumption was compared to the Panasonic model ceiling fan blade. The new ceiling fan blade was designed and fabricated and when compared to the conventional blade, it saves 35% power consumption and weight reduction of 28%.

1.0   Introduction
1.1 Aims and Objectives
1.2 Statement of problem
1.3   Relevance of the project
1.4 Scope and limitation of Study
1.5 Methodology

2.0   Literature Review
2.1   Conventional ceiling fan
2.2   Designing air foil blades
2.3   Fan selection
2.3.1 Noise
2.3.2 Rotating speed
2.3.3 Air stream charateristics
2.3.4 Temperature range
2.3.5 Variation in operating condition
2.3.6 Space constraints
2.4 Related mathematical formula

3.0   Detailed design and fabrication procedure
3.1   Design specification and consideration
3.2   Design calculations
3.3   Materials required and selection
3.4 Fabrication details
3.5   Detailed mechanical drawing of the fan blade

4.0 Test and results
4.1 Test procedure
4.2 Test results
4.3 table of values of the results of the newly designed fan blade and the  panasonic model conventional fan blade
4.4 Safety precaution
4.5 Maintenance
4.6 Bill of engineering measurements and evaluation
5.0  Conclusion and Recommendation
5.1  Conclusion
5.2   Recommendation

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