Construction Of An Electrical Stove With Three-oven Apartment

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This project is concern about the construction of an electrical stove with three oven apartment is described in his project.  It was carried out in order to solve the problem often encounter in cooking and drying and at the same time finding an alternative means to replace the use of  kerosene and gas for cooking and drying which are often not available due to scarcity of these products, however, the project students have employed the use of electricity which is rending available.
The analysis of each stage of development of this equipment is clearly described.  Having compared the results of this construction with those existing or parallel ones, it was found out that it stands the test of time.
However, the operation of this electrical equipment in not without limitation.  For precisely nine years now Nigeria has been facing power instability, and a seizure of electrical power does disrupt the operation of this equipment, for without which no source of its energy.
The cost analysis also prove to a large extent to be relatively cheaper than most modern cookers and ovens for domestic application.

Title page
Table of content

1.0 Introduction/literature Review
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Problem statement
1.3 Purpose of objective of this study
1.4 Literature review

2.0 Constructional specification of the oven
2.1 Determination of the insulted portion
2.2 Materials used and their importance
2.3 Mill steel
2.4 Copper element
2.5 Insulting materials
2.6 Silicon

3.1 Mechanical construction
3.2 The main frame
3.3 The top and sides covers
3.4 Back cover
3.5 The top/heating chamber
3.6 Stand/handle
3.7 The framing of the door
3.8 Mode of operation

4.0 Conclusion
4.1 How to operate
4.2 Inspection and testing
4.3 The visual inspection
4.4 Cold test
4.5 Insulation Resistance test
4.6 The hot test
4.7 Problems encountered
4.8 Recommendations
4.9 Cost analysis
4.10 References
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