Car Expert System

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Nowadays, it seems like almost every one own a car and in fact, we can say that each house have at least one car. But the more is approximately three cars per house. This figure shows that car is very important to people’s life as it completed the cycle of living. Without a car, it is almost impossible to move from one place to another especially for those who are always mobilise in their jobs. Car simplified our life and it makes time to be more valuable as we can save much time using car. But as the car is getting more available easily, it is not deny that some of us own a car just for the feeling of luxurious and not for their needs. This kind of people just doesn’t know what to do with their money as it grows greatly.

Having a car can be an exciting moment to every one and they live easily through out their daily life, mobilising on the car. But at the same time, each of those who own a car definitely don’t want to have a problem on their cars as the troubleshooting of the car can be a nightmare to them especially, women. Some of those who own a car don’t know how to deal with their cars whenever it’s having a problem. All they know is start the engine, drag the clutch, press the paddle and break when they need to. And even worse situation is that they don’t even know how to fill the fuel tank, and that is not good. They won’t know what to do when something happens to their cars. All they can do at least is, call the mechanic for help.

So, this expert system is hoped to help those who are in need of guides to deal with their car’s problems. Although it might not give a complete guides and help as a human expert namely mechanics do, but at least the expert system can give a temporary assistance to those who are in need of an instance help, maybe because the limitation of time and distance.

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