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Sales Promotion And Consumer Preference For Noodles: A Study Of Noodles Eaten In Moua Of Ikwuano L.g.a. Of Abia State

Sales Promotion is a tool that is used by the retailers or manufacturers to attract consumers to purchase more of their products. The outcome of sales promotion always result to the use of high amount...

Premium 27 pages 7913 words Seminar Degree Level

Factors Influencing Customers Patronage Of Fast Food Restaurants In Abia State, Nigeria

this study is an attempt to examine factors influencing customers patronage of fast food restaurants: a study of selected customers of fast food in abia state, nigeria. specifically, the study...

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Factors Influncing Customers Patronage Of Fast Food Restaurants In Abia State, Nigeria.

There is a perceived Increase In the number of fast food restaurants that crop up in every city and township In Nigeria. Thus, suggesting that the sector is gaining acceptance among consumers. Tabassu...

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Great Customer Service As An Enabler Of Small Business Ventures

The importance of great customer serviceph:08130932309; email: [email protected] service means cares:c creatingan a atmosphereofr respect...

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Marketing Of Diary Product In Enugu Metropolis (a Case Study Of Fan Milk Nigeria Plc)

introduction background of the studythe starting point of marketing is the existence of human need and wants. therefore the study and responsibility of marketing is to satisfy these needs and wants to...

Premium 61 pages 9059 words Seminar Degree Level

The Marketing/distribution Of Stule Food In Enugu A Case Study Of Ogbete Meanmarket

this project was on the marketing and distribution of stifle food in  enugu metropolis was solely collected from consumers distributors book and various related literature. there were som...

Premium 36 pages 5181 words Seminar Degree Level

Strategies For Introducing A New Product In The Market (a Case Study Of Fanta Lemon Of Coca-cola Company In Enugu Metropolis)

 this project addressed itself with how to introduce a new product in the market.   main objective was to determine the strategies used to introduce fanta lemon in enugu metropolis w...

Premium 50 pages 6591 words Seminar Degree Level

The Impact Of “marketing Mix” In The Accomplishment Of Organization Objective (a Case Study Of Unilever Brothers Nigeria Plc)

marketing as a profession and an academic discipline has undergone a rebirth which has made its principle more embracing and positive in its everyday application in improving product innovatio...

Premium 42 pages 5196 words Seminar Degree Level

Evaluation Of The Impact Of Advertising Volume Of Sales (a Case Study Of Ama Breweries Plc. Ninth Mile Corner, Enugu)

research proposalthe essence of embarking on this research is to examine and determine the competence of advertising in influencing the volume of sales with respect to products of ama breweries plc. n...

Premium 31 pages 5698 words Seminar Degree Level

Marketing Of Accounting Service In Enugu Urban (a Case Study Of Union Bank Plc)

marketing is a management function which i written in chapter one a feet which needs to be stressed at all time. however the marketing services function is to provide all level and segments of...

Premium 40 pages 6040 words Seminar Degree Level

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