Marketing Of Diary Product In Enugu Metropolis (a Case Study Of Fan Milk Nigeria Plc)

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The starting point of marketing is the existence of human need and wants. Therefore the study and responsibility of marketing is to satisfy these needs and wants to the mutual benefits of all engage in marketing relationship. (Adrika E.O, Ebue and Nndim, 1997 p.4). the fact that man has needs and ants and there are products capable of satisfying them is  necessary but not sufficient to define marketing. Marketing exist when man decides to satisfy his need and wants in a way that we shall call exchange i.e. giving something for something. Therefore (Kotler 1980:pg) define marketing as the set of human activities directed at satisfying needs and wants through exchange processes. 
So marketing is the means by which organization identify unfulfilled human needs, converts them into business opportunities and create satisfaction for the other and profits for themselves. The capacity of the organization to survive and prosper depends on the ability to continuously create value for target market in an environment of ever – changing human needs and wants. The marketing solution calls for one than the ability of the organization to produce the needed goals and services, the organization must know how to produced better offer to the target market than its competitors (Kotler 1980 P.5.)
There is need to depend on marketing activities without marketing, companies would not be able to produced and sell goods at reasonable process. Efficient production and delivery at a reasonable price allow corporations to make the profit that is necessary to maintain to operation, provide employment, and attract capital, without this success, the company will fail which will affect our lives and the economy as a whole. Also the customer feed back that is provided by marketing helps in allocating resources and production to best satisfy the needs and goals of the society.
The fundamental objective of most business are survival, profit and growth. Marketing contribute directly to achieve each of these objective. It is concerned with activities vital to business organization such as assessing the want and satisfaction of present and potential customers and pricing policies developing distributional strategies and communicating with present and potential customers and to any body in business.
It is therefore the responsibility of those engaged in marketing to discover the wants and needs of customers and to stimulate and fulfill these demands marketing is performed by both individuals and organizations and it is intended to meet both commercial and non commercial objectives. Profit making organization used advertising and other promotional techniques to sell their products where as non promotional ventures perform marketing activities to win public support and generate needed funds.
Marketing is concerned with more than physical products such as appliance and entertainment and are intangible product than must be marketed as well the marketing process is not complete until the buyer exchanges something for something (Adirka, Ebue B.E and Nnolim, 1997 P.16). So with all these, one can imagine what would have been the condition of man and his need in the absence of marketing.


Title page 
Approval page 
Table of content 

1.1 Statement of problem 
1.2 Objective of study 
1.3 Research question 
1.4 Signifificance of the study 
1.5 Scope of the study 
1.6 Definition of terms

Review of related literature
2.1 The meaning of marketing 
2.2 The role of marketing mix
2.3 The role of marketing in the society 
2.4 Importance of marketing 
2.5 Recent trends in marketing in Nigeria 
2.6 The place of product in the marketing of diary product
2.7 Company profile brief history of Fan Milk Nigeria plc 
2.8 Product of Fan milk Nigeria marketing 
2.9 The major target and positioning of the product of fan milk Nigeria plc 

3.1 Different diary product of fan milk Nigeria plc 
3.2 The pricing system of fan milk Nigeria plc 
3.3 Promotional tools is used by fan milk Nigeria plc 
3.4 Limitation of the study 


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