Place Of Co-operative In Rural Development

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This research topic:  The place of co-operative in Oji River local Government Area plan to look at the necessity of rural development, the need for co-operatives in rural industrialization and problems of co-operative in rural development.
The motive for choosing this topic is to advice and encourage the members of co-operative who do not attend school of co-operative at all before joining the organization to attend, so that they will comprehend the system which they operate and how to adjust to very emerging situation in order to make the most beneficial use of their human and material resources.
However, the research was conducted using primarily, documentary method as well as materials got from the library.
It was found out that the problems of co-operative in rural development is rural infrastructure and social amenities are either in minimum supply or absent in most rural areas.
Therefore organization should develop/ establish co-operative in rural area so that uneducated ones should be educated and be more enlightened in order to make the most beneficial use of their human and material resources.

Title Page
Approval Page
List of Tables

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Statement of Problem
1.2 Signification of the Study
1.3 Objective of the Study
1.4 The Importance of Studying the Area
1.5 Definition of Important Terms
1.6 Reference

2.0 Literature Review
2.1 The Origin of the Cooperative Movement
2.2 Different Types of Cooperatives
2.3 Cooperatives as a Vehicle of Development
2.4 Different Methods of Studying the Problem
2.5 Summary
2.6 References

3.0 Conclusion
3.1 Data Presentation (Highlight of the Study)
3.2 Analysis of the Data
3.3 Recommendations
3.4 Conclusions
3.5 References

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