Rural Water Supply

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This research work is aimed at finding the causes as well as recommending possible solution to the organization and management problems of  rural work supply of ANSWC Nnewi.
Five research questions are formulated and tested with percentages and averages. 
Bases on the result some major findings were made as follows.
1.The majority of the responding households are  the heads of their respective house holds of their respective households and  title education or primary school level. The means or encourage number of adults and children in the sample house holds are 3 and 6 respectively. And total income  reported is N200, 60, N400 per house hold per month. These marks are drawn from engineering and plumbing department . the sample rural staff are places on salary grade levels 01 to 04 with the record of serving the corporation for 18 to 26 serving the corporation for  18 to 26 years at the age of 40 years and above.
It is also found that the house holds have access to tankers sabs throughout the seasons and that they are willing to pay whatever amount of money in order to get a qualitative water supply.
It is strongly disagreed by the respondents that the aims and objectives of rural water supply proggramme have been achieve in Nnewi. It is found that frequent charges in government and leadership of the country had adversely effect the management of ANSWC. Bases on the above findings the following recommendations among other were made for effective implementation.
1.The state government should develop state water plans and policy objectives for ANSWC so as to enable the ANSWE have  a goal and prepare strategies achieve .
2.there is an urgent need far national sector supply policy which will provide sector co-ordination and guideline with defined responsibilities for all agencies involved in water supply.
3.operational support facilities such as basic tools, spare parts, workshops etc must be made available. order to be at financial viable enterprise, it is recommended that the co-operation must give attention to her commercial  activities by increasing her water tariffs and developing good customer management strategies. is also recommended that ANSWC should strive to know how much water they are producing & how mush water are being wasted so as to be able to determine their operational efficiency.
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table of content

1.0 Introduction
1.1 General Back ground to the subject matter
1.2 Problem associated with the subject matter
1.3 Problems that study will be concerned with
1.4 The importance of studying the area
1.5 Definition of important terms
1.6 (Chapter )Reference (Using APA method)

2.0 Literature Review
2.1 The Origin of the subject Area
2.2 Schools of  though within the subject Area.
2.3 The schools of though relevant to the problem of study.
2.4 Different methods of studying the problems
2.5 Summary
2.6 References

3.0 Conclusion
3.1 Data presentation
3.2 Analysis of the data
3.3 Recommendation

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