The Effect Of Sales Promotion On The Marketing Of Coca-cola Brand Of Soft Drinks In Enugu Urban

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This study examined those factors that influence brand preference among consumers in Enugu urban.
The coca-cola soft drinks that are available in retail outlets in Enugu urban, was used on this study.
Two sources of data were used in the study, they are primary and secondary data.  Again questionnaires were used as research instruments to supplement the information got through other sources.
The hypothesis in this study were tested using chi-square (x2).
On the finings, it was observed that:
- Coca-coloa emerged as the leader among consumers in Enugu urban.  Taste and flavour appeared to be a powerful determinant in consumers brand preference of soft drinks and its purchase in Enugu urban.
- It was also revealed that sales promotion is a very important factor that influences consumer’s purchase of coca-cola brand of soft drinks.
- It was found out that consumers level of income does not have an influence on their choice of a particular brand of soft drinks.
- It revealed that most soft drink consumers in the sample, were brand loyal.
- It also revealed that most of the soft drinks consumers in Enugu urban are mainly males and females.
Based on the findings, the following recommendations were made:
- Soft drinks manufacturers and marketers should give more attention to consumers point of view towards these brands and were closely confirmed to consumers taste and preference.
- Manufacturers should reduce the sugar content of soft drinks in such a way that it would not affect consumers health without attesting the stable flavour of soft drinks.
- They should as well avoid adulteration and production of sub-standard quality soft drinks and improve the cocks of their soft drinks.  They should do more product research especially in the area of preference.  The analysis of such research should be kept current in order to keep them abreast with consumers trends and desires.
- From the findings also, one can conclude that both manufacturers of soft drinks and its marketers can use sales promotion to enable the marketer know the most suitable groups of consumers to direct their brands so as to achieve maximum effectiveness.
- Finally, local manufacturers of soft drinks should purposely produce some of their products to enable them compete favourably with foreign competitors.

Title page i
Approval page ii
Dedication iii
Acknowledgement iv
Abstract vi
Table of contents viii

1.1 Background of the Study
1.2 Statement of the Problem
1.3 Objective of the Study
1.4 Research Hypotheses
1.5 Significance of the Study
1.6 Scope and Limitation of the Study
1.7 Definition of Terms

2.1 Meaning of Marketing
2.2 Meaning of Sales Promotion
2.3 Brief History of NBC Profile
2.4 The Distribution Policy
2.5 The Pricing Policy
2.6 The Product Policy
2.7 The Promotional Policy

3.1 Sources of Data 
3.2 Population of the Study
3.3 Sample Size
3.4 Sampling Technique
3.5 Sample Size Determination
3.6 Data Collection Instruments
3.7 Allocation and Administration of Questionnaires 
3.8 Method of Data Treatment and Analysis.

4.1 Presentation and analysis of data
4.2 Statistical test of hypothesis

5.2 Recommendation
5.3 Conclusion 

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