The Impact Of Nafdac On Marketing Of Drugs In Enugu State

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This research project is primarily concerned with the impact of NAFDAC on marketing of Drugs in Enugu state.
    The purpose of this research is to know how the national Agency for food and Drugs Administration and control (NAFDAC ) can help to solve the problem  being encountered in Enugu state in particular and in this Nation in general, concerning failed counterfeit, substandard, unwholesome, adulterated and unregistered of safeguarding the public in every aspect of health affair.
The agency accomplishes this in Enugu state by ensuring that only the right quality of drugs, food and other regulated products are manufactured, imported, exported, distributed, advertised, sold and used . NAFDAC as the for most consumer protection and regulatory was therefore set up by the  government to ensure that wholesome foods     As the for  most consumer protection and regulatory agency was therefore set up by the government to ensure that wholesome foods efficacious medicines and safe cosmetics are made available to the consumers.

To ensure effectiveness from inception the Agency is structured into six directorates they are as fellows (1) Registration and regulatory Affairs 
(2) Inspectorate  (3) laboratory services (4) Narcotics
(6) planning research and statistics and (6) Finance and Administration. These directorates are always busy competing with each other in order to ensure that every but of their activities are moving according to planned proposal to fulfill the government aim in establishing the agency .
This study is based on this issue and the main objective of it to help in meeting the standard specification in order to protect and promote public health in the country. To identify ways in which we uplift the standard of manufacturing, distribution and sales of drugs and other regulatory product and this improvement can only be obtained through NAFDAC in regulating the drug market.

Title page ii
Approval page iii
Dedication iv
Acknowledgement v
Abstract vii
Table of contents ix

Introduction 1
1.1background of the study 1
1.2 Statement of problem 15
1.3 Objective of the study 18
1.4 Formulation of hypothesis 19
1.5 Significance of the study 20
1.6 Scope and limitation of the study 22
1.7 Definition of terms ( operational definitions) 23

Review of Related Literature 23
2.1 Introduction 23
2.2 Review of Empowering Related NAFDAC regulatory laws 26
2.3 Review of Empowering Tariff 32
2.4 Strategic for Eradication of fake Drugs and 
strengthening regulatory Activities 36
2.5    The essence of regulation | Registration of 
consumer product 46
2.6 The impact of the circulation of take drugs and 
Other regulated products.   48

3.0 Research methodology 50
3.1 Research design 50
3.2 Area of the study 50
3.3 Population of the study 51
3.4 Sample and sampling procedure 51
3.5 Instrument for data collection 52
3.6 Validation of the instrument 52
3.7 Reliability of research instrument 52
3.8 Method of administration of the research instrument s 54

4.1 Analysis and presentation of data 55

5.1 Summary of finding 70
5.2 Conclusion 72
5.3 Recommendation 75
5.4 Bibliography 77
Appendix 79

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