Attitude Of Consumers To Sales Promotion In Enugu Metropolis

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This work was to reflect on the attitude of consumers to sales promotion in Enugu Metropolis.  This study became necessary considering the huge some of money which organization generally spent on sales promotion in order to affect consumers attitude. aking cognizance of the above, it is therefore became imperative to know if the game worth of the candle, that is of what impact or otherwise does sales promotion  have no the attitude of consumers in Enugu metropolis and also whether consumers in Enugu approve/ disapprove sales promotion. The population of the study is Enugu metropolis; three hundred was used as a sample, they were selected in ogbete main market, due to the difficulties to study entire population within Enugu, convenient technique was used in the selection.  Data were collected using questionnaire, which were analyzed and used in testing the formulated hypothesis and also the research made fining and recommendation which if are judiciously adhered to, more consumers in Enugu will engage in sales promotion activities, which tend to increase companies profit and awareness.  

Title page ii
Approval page iii
Dedication iv
Acknowledgement v
Abstract vi
Table of Contents vii

1.1 Background of the study 1
1.2 Statement of problems 3
1.3 Objective of the study 5
1.4 Research Questions 6
1.5 Statement of Hypothesis 7
1.6 Scope of the Study 8
1.7 Limitation of Study 9
1.8 Significance of the study 9
1.9 Definition of Terms 10
1.10 Scope of the study 

2.1 Review of literatures 12
2.2 Sales Promotion Strategies and objectives 14
2.3 Types of Sales Promotion 16
2.4 Sales Promotion as An Important Tool 25
2.5 Factors Influencing the Use of Sales 26
2.6 Attitudes 27
2.7 Nature of Attitude 29
2.8 Attitude Formation 36

3.0 Research Methodology 48
3.1 Research Design 48
3.2 Sources of Data 48
3.3 Population of the study 49
3.4 Sample Selection Procedure 50
3.5 Questionnaire Design 51
3.6 Method of Data Treatment and Analysis 53

4.1 Data presentation and Analysis 54
4.2 Testing of Hypothesis 66
4.3 Discussion 82

5.1 Summary of Findings 84
5.2 Recommendations 86
5.3 Conclusion 88
5.4 Suggestion for further Research 89

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