The Impact Of Foreign Direct Investment On The Nigerian Economy (a Case Study Of Nbc Plc Enugu)

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The study of the nature involves a lot of deep research and understanding of the factors, which creates the effects on the subject matter.  Primarily, these factors were more economical than managerial as the case may be, on the understanding that this research work is being casual out under a management setting or department.
Just as the subject matter is, the impact of foreign direct investment on the Nigerian Economy with a case study of Nigerian Bottling Company Plc, it is based on the economic, social and entrepreneurial impacts created by these multinational companies like NBC Plc on their host societies.
Based on this, the objective of this study was to determine through quantitative and quantitative measures whether the benefits of multinational enterprises (MNE’S) out weigh the cost that results from their activities in the hose countries.
The first chapter of this work contains a general discussion (i.e. critics and defense) of FSI’s activities in host countries.  Further the statement of the research problem was studied and the need for the study.  The scope and limitation to the research work was finally looked into with the stated hypothesis which guide the researcher in his evaluations.
In chapter two, a number of part related literatures were examined as it relates to the impact of foreign direct investment to Nigeria as the case may be with particular reference to NBC Plc activities in Enugu Zone. 
Chapter three treated the design of the study, the method of collecting data and the ways in which the questionnaires were distributed within the chosen population.
The data gathered from the research were analysed and interpreted in chapter four of this research report.
Finally, the summary of findings, conclusions on the research work and recommendations were given by the researcher all in chapter five.
It is believed that these recommendations made in this study will help both the multinationals in their relationship with their host communities as well as creating an enabling environment from the host country for their business to there.

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Table of content

1.1Overview of the study
1.2Brief review of Nigerian Bottling Company Plc
1.3Statement of research problem
1.4Research questions
1.6Scope of the study
1.7Limitations of the study
1.8Definition of terms

2.0Literature review
2.0.1Theoretical review
2.0.2The impact of foreign direct investment on the growth 
of the host society
2.1Theoretical paradigm
2.2Theories of foreign direct investment

3.1Research design
3.2Area of the study
3.3Population of the study
3.4Sample and size determination
3.5Instrument of data collection
3.6Validation of the instrument
3.7Reliability of the instruments
3.8Method of data collection
3.9Questionnaire distribution and retrieval
3.10Method of data analysis

4.0Presentation of analysis and interpretation of data
4.1Answers to questionnaires
4.2Test of hypothesis

5.0Discussion of results of findings
5.3Suggestion for further studies
Appendix 1
Appendix 11

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