Local Government System In Nigeria As Instrument For Rural Development

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The project is filled local government system in Nigeria as an Instrument for  Rural development. The study is divided into three chapters.
Chapter one is further sub; divided as fellows :Introduction which gives details of what Local government is all about, background of study which emphasizes on the meaning and concept of local government under review.  It deals with Local government and rural development in the pre-colonial Nigeria.
There is also statement of problem.  The problems affecting local government, The objective of study and definition of terms. Chapter two is based on assessment of local government and rural development in rural development, in post-colonial Nigerians examined, it emphasis the effectiveness of Nigeria Local Government.  It also suggest a fundamental solution to the problem of local government in Nigeria
Chapter three is abased on summary, conclusion and recommendation.
In conclusion has shown that local  government system in Nigeria, since the colonial era has served as instrument of exploitation of the rural inhabitants.
The problem facing the Local government system in Nigeria must be sought in the political economy of Nigeria’s under-development mere reforms of local government cannot solve the problem facing it. Only a fundamental restricting of the entire economic structure of the Nigeria society is the answer.
Recommendation: The researcher maintained that they root of local government ineffectiveness as we mentioned earlier must be sought in the Socio-economic structure in Nigeria.  It is only this radical restricting of the existing socio-economic relations that will put an end to the country’s present development strategy and the exploitation role of local government and induced all levels of government, with a change of the present development strategy, it will be possible to transform the rural economy and this is in turn would enable Local government generate funds that it needs to operate.


Title page 
Approval Page
Table of Content

1.1 General Background to the subject Matter
1.2 Problems associated with the subject matter.
1.3 Problems that the study will be concerned with
1.4 The importance of studying the area
1.5 Definition of important terms.

Literature Review
2.1 The origin of the subject matter.
2.2 Schools of though within the subject area.
2.3 The school of though relevant to the problem of the study
2.4 Diffferent methods of studying the problem.
2.5 Summary

3.1 Recommendation
3.2 Conclusion

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