Marketing Research And Strategy Of Paris Hotel Abuja

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The work is an assignment which has to do with the marketing research and strategy used by Paris Hotel, Abuja based on the year of establishment their service product, total number of their workers and recommendation based on research.

 The Victory Palace of the Hotel a3 minute walk away from the subway state and a3 minutes drive from the city centre, offering a total of 62 rooms.  The Paris Palace Hotel provides guest with airport transfer, baby setting service, ticketing assistance, meeting room and facilitate, internet access and on-site bar lounge.  Rooms are large and luxurious, the staffs are helpful and friendly, the hotel is also conveniently situated right at the streets of Abuja with easy access to train station restaurant, malls and shopping districts.  Thee are also tour service with minibuses bringing you to the famous sight of Paris Hotel, the Loure Eiffel tower and Notre Dame being a few example, might be costly at first but it is definitely worth the money.  Teck from Singapore stayed in a luxury room for 3days, Hotel rate are exclusive of hotel tax and service.

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Historical Background of the Hotel 1

Meaning of Marketing Strategy 3

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