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An Overview Of Remediation Techniques Of The Environment

oil spillage which can simply be referred to as the release of oil into the environment (land or water) either through a deliberate act, accident or as a result of equipment failure indeed has...

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General Overview Of Renewable Energy

the rapid increase in energy consumption particularly in the past several decades has raised fears of exhausting the globe’s reserves of petroleum and other resources in the near future. the...

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Thermodynamic Principle Of Energy Conversion

energy conversion engineering (or heat-power engineering, as it was called prior to the second world war), has been one of the central themes in the development of the engineering profession....

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Advanced Fine Finishing Process

this technology is so helpful in our everyday life. this paper dealt extensively about the latest technology which is useful forfinishing materials with a very high precision. these...

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Plant Maintenance And Services

Introduction:planned maintenance apart from programming inspection, should include monitoring, logging, periodic checks and tests of system as to guarantee correct day-today hitch free functioning and...

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Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme In Nigeria Railway Corporation Enugu.

The report beamed at relying the student intense knowledge and skill acquired during my industrial training attachment of the nigeria railway corporation  enugu.  it is a well articu...

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Technical Report On The Fabrication Of A Fan Blade

in recent times, most of the household appliances are using electric power and as such, electricity shortage has become a major problem throughout the world. ceiling fan is one of such applian...

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Machine Component Design

a key is a piece of steel in inserted between the shaft and a hub of the pulley or the gear, mainly to that power. key are always inserted parallet to the shaft axis. they ar...

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Main Features Of Pump And Pumping Systems

This section briefly describes the main features of pumps and pumping systems. What are pumps and pumping systems?Pumping systems account for nearly 20% of the world’s electrical en...

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Design And Fabrication Of A Mechanism For Opening And Closing Of High Window Of A Church

ABSTRACTThe technical report presented below is based on the design of mechanism that can be used to open and shut the windows of mechanical engineering workshop from ground level .this mechanism was ...

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