Preparation Of A Campus Development Plan

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campus development plan is the deliberate spatial organisation of human

activities to achieve the highest possible social and economic benefit,

convenient and aesthetics in the light of available resources of land,

manpower, finance, technology, time among others. (Jeriko, 1998)Section 91 of

the urban and regional planning law of 1992, decree no. 88 defines a

development plan as “a plan indicating the manner in which an area of land

should be developed”.


physical development plan is a comprehensive long range plan intended to guide

growth and development of a community or region. It includes analysis, recommendations

and proposals for the community’s population, economy, housing, transportation,

community facilities, and land use. It is based on public input surveys

planning initiatives, existing development, physical characteristics and

social-economic conditions. Campus master plan provides a policy framework

aimed at creating an environment that is functional and can satisfy human activities

through controlling of growth and physical development in universities.



master planning started in 1920s in many parts of the developed countries when

a second generation of planners show concern not only for urban form but for

urban and regional function. In 1928AlfredMettman defined master plan as a

plan/design for the physical development of the territory of the city. It

constitutes the division of the land between public and private users,

specifying the general location and extends of a new public improvement. It

should be based on comprehensive and detailed survey such as existing situation

of private and public, the trend toward redistribution and growth of the

population, industry and business estimates of future trend of growth and the

allotment of the territory of the city in accordance of such data and estimated

trends so as to provide the necessary public facilities and the area for

private development corresponding to the need of the community of the present

and prospects.

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