Public Latrine System And Its Associated Problems In Awka Capital Territory

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A lot of public latrine poses a very serious problem to the people of Awka and also to other places across the country. The problem of open defecation which some people often refer to as going to the bush or bush shitting has persistently been difficult to address in Awka and Nigeria because of the unavailability of good public and home toilets both in the cities and local communities or villages. A lot of people live without proper sanitation in Awka and these people have to decide on daily basis how to organize defecation without feeling ashamed or fear. Two hypothesis were formulated? To test the relationship between outbreak of disease and public latrine and the need for provision of latrine in public places. Data used for the study were collected from primary and secondary sources including questionnaire survey of the residents in Awka. From the analysis, it was found out that enough latrine are not provided in public places like markets, public compounds and even hostels thereby making the least provided to be overused and uncared for. The tests result shows that good latrine and the quality of life of the residents are significantly related. The recommendations made in the study include adequate provision of public toilets and toilets facilities as well as financing and maintenance of toilet facilities. It is hoped that the suggested measures of this study will go along way to improving the life residents in Awka territory. 

Title page
Approval page
Table of content
List of table

1.0  Introduction
1.1  Background of the study
1.2  Statement of research problems
1.3  Research question
1.4  Goals and objectives
1.5  Statement of hypothesis
1.6  Theoretical framework
1.7  Scope of the study
1.8  Significance of the study
1.9  Limitation and constrain of the study
1.10 Operational definitions

2.0   Literature review
2.1   The nature of public latrine
2.2   Environmental pollution
2.3   Sanitation
2.4   Surface water quality
2.4.1Sources of water waste
2.4.2Strategies for controlling and managing waste
2.5   Biological processes in latrines
2.6   Non-biological processes in latrine
2.6.1Filling rates
2.6.2Draining of liquid out of the pit
2.7   Public latrine management technique
2.7.2Training of caretaker
2.7.3Public health education
2.7.5Economy and fees
2.7.6Monitoring and supervision
3.8   Summary of the review

3.0   Description of the study area
3.1   Brief history of Awka
3.2   Location of the study area
3.3   The physical characteristics
3.3.1Topography and geology
3.3.4Hydrology and surface drainage
3.3.6Population of the area
3.4   Physical feature of Awka
3.5   Social/economic features
3.6   Urban structural plan
3.7   Land use pattern classification
3.8   Major area having public latrine

4.0   Research methodology
4.1   The research design
4.2   Sources of data
4.2.1Primary source of data
4.2.2Secondary data
4.3   Methods of data collection
4.4   Methods of data analysis
4.4.1Determination of sample size (population)
4.5   Procedure for data collection
4.6   Constrains of data analysis

5.0   Data analysis and survey
5.1   Analysis and presentation of responses
5.2   Problems of public latrine
5.2.1Pollution of the environment
5.2.2Pollution of water sources and food
5.2.3Abuse of public toilet
5.2.4Lack of maintenance
5.2.5Lack of public health education
5.3   Strategies for Managing public latrine
5.3.1Safe and clean environment
5.3.2Provision of public toilets
5.3.4Maintenance and management

6.0   Findings, Recommendation/Conclusion
6.1   Summary of findings
6.2   Avoiding risks of disease outbreak
6.2.1Open defecation
6.2.2Not washing your hands
6.2.3Leaving dishes on the ground
6.3   Recommendation
6.4   Conclusion

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