Impact Of Frauds In The Banking Industry In Nigeria (a Case Study Of First Bank Of Nigeria Plc)

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Fraud is an awful phenomenon, which like a vein has invaded Nigeria banking industries and the society in general and put any organization that it come into in a distress point or in a state of liquidation.  
This study highlights the nature problem identification and various types of fraud, causes of bank fraud, effect of bank fraud, detection, prevention and control measures adopted by management to check fraud incidents.
The purpose of this research work is to find out whether fraud leads to retrechement of workers/staff in the banking industry; to know whether fraud reduces the profit on income of the bank and also to know whether fraud leads to liquidation of bank.
Hypothesis was fomulated and tested with chi-square and inference drawn there from the method of data collection includes a well structured and easy to follow questionnaire. 
Primary data were collected, through this medium from respondents. The findings revealed that compensation of banking servicers and the maintenance of effective internal control mechanism have helped to reduce the incidence of fraudulent activities in the bank. In view of this, it is the recommendation that adequate internal control system should be maintained, effective fraud management, strict adherence of administrative management policies should be ensured to check and possibly eliminate fraud incidence in the bank.
The detection and prevention of frauds should be elaborated effect between banks, their customers, the public and the government.
Frauds in the banking system should as much as possible, be minimized as it kills the bank and destroys the economy of a nation.
Finally, the research work adduced that continous vigilance should be the watch work if fraudulent practices are to be reduced and possibly eliminated in the banking industry.


The primary objective of this research work is to examine the impact of frauds in the bank and adequately of the measures instituted to ensure its early detection, prevention and total elimination in the bank.
This work is divided into five chapters, the first focused on the problem identification of the study, rationale of the study, significance of the study, background o the study and definition of terms.
Chapter two focused on the literature review which was divided into two; the theoritical review and tropical review. Chapter three emphasises on hypothesis, methodology of the study, source of data and limitations of the study. Questionnaires, journals and textbooks were extensively used as method of collecting data needed for the research.
Chapter four involves data presentation, analysis and discussion of the result, while chapter five summarized the findings, conclusion and necessary recommendations were also given. 

Title page
Approval page
Table of content

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Problem identification
1.2 Rationale of the study
1.3 Significance of the study
1.4 Background of the study
1.5 Definition of terms

2.0 Literature review
2.1 Theoretical review
2.2 Empirical review

3.1 Hypothesis of the study
3.2 Methodology of study
3.3 Sources of data
3.4 Limitations of the study

4.1 Presentation of data
4.2 Analysis of data
4.3 Discussion of the results

5.1 Summary
5.2 Conclusion
5.3 Recommendation

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