Development Banking In Nigeria

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This study focuses on finding out the extent to which development banking has aided in development of the Nigeria Economy through financing and granting of medium and long term loans for capital projects and other related services like providing technical services to their bank customers who engage in promotional activities to stimulate interest on new projects.
The study adopted a his historical method of investigation because of the absence of the questionnaire and the nature of the research only historical research was designed since staff and management of development   banking carry out the same functions and the same business activities. The staff and management of development banking constitute the population interest of 40 from this population, a formular sampling method was use to arrive at a sample of B6 specifically, the objectives of the study are to among others.
To find out the role played by development banking in the development of Agriculture, commerce an industrial sectors.
To highlight the impact of development banking in the Nigeria in the Nigerian Economy. 
To examine the extent of mobilization of funds to finance capital projects.
To examine the sources of funds to the development banking in Nigeria 
To determine whether there is any difference in functions of banks that make up development banking.
To accomplish these objectives data were collected historically, which involved the sourcing of data from primary and secondary from the past and present records and functions from the staff of different kinds of development banking in Nigeria, published materials and textbooks.
The findings of the research work was based on the data on the literature in chapter two.
Against this, background, both short and long term measures were adopted and recommended in chapter five, and if implemented will go a long way in boosting the development of development banking in this country to carry out their business activities efficiently and effectively.

Title page 
Table of contents 

1.1background of the study 
1.2Statement of problem 
1.3Objectives of the study 
1.4Research questions
1.5Significance of the study 
1.6Scope and limitation of study 
1.7Definition of terms 

2.0Review of related literature 
2.1The Nigerian industrial development bank (NIDB)
2.1.1The Nigerian industrial development bank NIDB sources of fund 
2.1.2Functions of Nigerian industrial development bank 
2.1.3The re-construction of the Nigeria industrial development bank limited.
2.2Mandate of bank of industry (BOI) 
2.2.1The objectives of bank of industry (BOI) 
2.2.2Sources of funds for bank of industry 
2.3Project selection criteria of bank of industry (BOI)
2.4The Nigeria bank for commerce and industry (NCBI)
2.4.1Functions of bank for commerce and industry (NCBI)
2.5The Nigerian agriculture and co-operative bank (NACB) 
2.6Nigerian agricultural co-operative and rural development bank limited (NACPDB) 
2.7Main obligations of Nigerian agricultura, co-operative and rural development bank (NACRDB)
2.7.1Ownership and sources of fund for NACRDB 
2.7.2Functions of Nigerian agricultural co-operative and rural development bank (NACRDB) 
2.7.3Nigerian agricultural, co-operative and rural development bank (NACRDB) special project loans
2.7.4ECOWAS fund accelerated fish production project 
2.7.5International found for agricultural development project (IFAD)
2.7.6Livestock development project (LDP)
2.7.7Annual traction and hand tools technology programme 
2.7.8Types of loans granted by and rural development bank (NACRDB)
2.8Role of development banking serves to economy     
2.9Defenses in  mandate between bank of industry and Nigerian agricultural co-operative and rural development bank (NACRDB)

3.1Research design 
3.2Sources of data collection 
3.2.1Secondary data sources 
3.2.2Primary data sources 
3.3Location of data 
3.4Population of the study 
3.5Sample size determination 


5.1Summary and conclusion 

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