Selection Of Water Pumps

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The aim of this project is to capture the utilization of pumps for various uses and to maximize the principle of selection of water pumps through the application and pump selection for specific uses our society will transformed wholestically to an industrious nation in the clean water supply for supply for domestic, industrial and down stream sector. Pump parameters and selection are analyzed categorically to enable a good conception in practical.  Centrifugal pumps can also be found as fuel as cooling water pumps for example diesel engine etc.  Also positive displacement pumps are found a device in fuel and oil pump in most automobile and hydraulic systems.

Cover Page i
Title Page ii
Letter of Transmittal iii
Certification Page iv
Approval Page v
Dedication vi
Acknowledgment vii
Abstract viii
Table of Contents ix

Chapter One
Introduction 1
Background of the study 2
Objective of the study 16
Types 18

Chapter Two
History of Water Pump 30

Chapter Three 
Selection of Pumps 33
Application 36
Factors of be considered in sizing a pump 38

Chapter Four
Conclusion and Recommendation 41

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