Fraud Defection And Prevention The Impact In The Economy.

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Frauds have been an incurable vice in the society and have distorted the economic development of some countries of the world. The wide spread of fraud in the economy in general and in pension account have call for this study the study is to identify the measures to be taking in detecting and preventing of fraud in pension administration. The researcher view is to dictate the causes of fraud, the acts that lead to fraudulent activities, the forms of fraud and how to curb it in the society.
  A number of recommendations were made including. Installation of effective, efficient and functional internal control in the organizations, enforcement of disciplinary and obvious de………….. Policies and pre-employment screening of the staff. With this measures, the researcher agree that fraud will be climate if not eradicate.

TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                     PAGE
Title page                                                                                   (i)
Approval page                                                                            (ii)
Dedication                                                                                  (iii)
Acknowledgement                                                                       (iv)
Abstract                                                                                         (v)

Table of content                                                                             (vi)

1.1   objectives of the study
1.2   significance of the study
1.3   scope of the study
1.4   limitation of the study
1.5   definitions of terms

2.0 definitions of fraud
2.1 types of pension Account
2.2 stages in Acts leading to fraud and causes of fraud.
2.3 forms of fraudulent Activities in pension Account
2.4 control measures to be employed in pension and gratuity administration
2.5 prevention of fraud in pension and gratuity administration 

3.0 summaries of findings, conclusion and recommendation  
3.1 findings 
3.2 conclusions 
3.3 recommendations

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