The Integration Of Migrants Into Socio-economic Development Of Awe In The 20th Century

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The objective of this study is to explore the trends of migrants and discuss effects of immigration on the growth and development of Awe.
It also intends to analyse the collective efforts and activities of migrants to the socio-economic development of the area putting into consideration both negative and positive impact of the activities of the immigrants.
Indeed, activities of specific groups of migrants in their pursuit of excellence would be examined as it affects their host community, for instance, Mrs Giwa, proprietress of Best Legacy International group of schools, Sieberer Herbert former Manager of Amo group of companies, Dr. Kusi, Momoh hospital, Mr and Mrs Olayemi, poultry farmers, among others are individuals that had contributed immensely to Awe's development.
This study aims at positioning the community as a significant settlement enriched with enormous natural qualities and powerful nature's good tidings.
In order to achieve this, primary and secondary sources becomes important element in the reconstruction of the economic contribution of migrants and non-indigenes to the transformation of the Awe community.

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Table of contents        vi

1.1 Statement of the Problem      1 
1.2 Objectives of the Study       2
1.3 Scope of the Study       3
1.4 Research Methodology and Problems    4
1.5 Literature Review        5
Note and References       9

2.1 Historical Origin        10
2.2 Social Structure and Cultural Institution    12
2.3 Political Structure        17
2.4 Religious Structure      19
2.5 Economic Organization      20
2.6 Harmonization of Culture     22
Note and References       24

3.1 Introduction        27
3.2 Socio-Cultural Contribution      29
3.3 Religious Contribution       30
3.4 Economic Contribution      32
Note and References       33

4.1 Introduction        36
4.2 Positive Impact of Immigration     37
4.3 Negative Impact of immigration    40
4.4 Conclusion         42
Bibliography         44 

Awe is the industrial nerve centre in Afijio Local Government Area of Oyo State.1 Unlike other industrial settlement, its enjoy peaceful atmosphere. Not much is written on Awe and Afijio Local Government in general. Needless to say, not much attention had been given to the place of migrants and their role in bringing about socio economic development in the area. This could be as a result of researchers concentration on a bigger communities and settlements like Oyo, Ejibo, Iwo, Egba, llorin, Ibadan among others.
This research work seeks to promote knowledge in the various migrant association that exist, how they operate, their relationship with the indigenous people and probable problems they are encountering. This would provide to the people and the academic, the opportunity to understand the migrants activities and their influence in the socio-economic development of Awe. Since the indigenous population themselves are "restrained" from contributing to the development of the town, due to the peoples cultural belief.2
This essay would serve as a reference point for further knowledge. It is hoped that it will stimulate other researches, probing into the history of Awe and the migrants contribution.

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