Extraction Of Oil From Local Seed (groundnut Seed) & Characterization

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This project “Extraction of oil from a local seed (groundnut oil) and Characterization” was carried out using ten cups of groundnut seeds that was purchased from a local market in Enugu metropolis.  The oil these seeds were in Enugu using solvent extraction method.  Two different solvents were used in the extraction namely: Ethane and order to compare their yield, physical and chemical properties.
The extraction was carried out using 32og of size-reduced groundnut with 100ml of 17-hexane while 1.5litres a 15ooml of ethanol was used on 480g of size reduced groundnut seeds.  Ta the end of the extraction operation, the amount of oil-extracted using17-hexane was observed to be far greater than the amount of oil extracted using ethanol.
The chemical and physical properties of the oil were determined by analysis of the oil.  The physical appearance of 17- hexane extract is light yellow in colour this; true colour of groundnut oil while that the ethanol extract has a light bown colour.  The colour of ethanol on pigments in the size-reduced groundnut seed.

From  the result obtained, it was deduced that 17-hexane remains the best solvent for oil extraction while ethanol is not a good solvent for oil extraction.

The physical and chemical constants/ properties determined were:

a)Solidification point.
b)Melting point
c)Specific gravity
d)Moisture content.

a)Acid value
b)Specifications value
c)Peroxide value
d)Iodine value

Form the analysis camied out on the extracted oil, the results obtained shows that the extracted oil is a pure groundnut oil because the iodine value which shows the purity of an oil is close to literature value.  The iodine value of he oil extracted is 79.95 while the literature value (standard value) rangers from 94-102.
Title page
Approval page
Letter of transmittal
Table of contents

1.1  Introduction
1.2  Scope / objectives of the project.

2.0  Literature Review
2.1  Groundnut Seed
2.2  Adaptation
2.3  Diseases Of Groundnut
2.4  Extraction
2.5  Methods Of Oil Extraction
2.6  Rendering
2.7  Mechanical Expression
2.8  Solvent Extraction
2.9  Groundnut Oil Extraction
2.9.1Factors Affecting Rate Of Leaching
2.9.2Factors Governing Choice Of Solvent
2.9.3Leaching Of Vegetable Seeds
2.9.4Theories Of Solvet Extractions
2.9.5Undissolved Oil Theory
2.9.6Physical Properties Of Vegetable Oil
2.9.7Characterization Of Oils
2.9.8Saponification Value
2.9.9Iodine Value

3.0  Experimental Methods
3.1  Preparation Of The Seeds
3.2  Particle Size Reduction 
3.3  Extraction And Distillation
3.4  Uses Of Soxlilet Extractor
3.5  Distillation
3.6  Solidification Point
3.7  Melting Point
3.8  Specific Gravity
3.9  Determination Of Moisture Content
3.10 Determination Of Chemical Properties
3.11 Determination Of Acid Value
3.12 Specification Value
3.13 Peroxide Value
3.14 Iodine Value

4.0  Experimental Results

5.0  Discussion

6.1  Conclusion / Recommendation
6.2  References
6.3  Appendices.

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