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Perception Of Students Of Federal Cooperative College, Kaduna Towards The Practice Of Abortion

The termination of pregnancies most generally known as “abortion” is a universal phenomenon occurring throughout all levels of societal organization and recorded history. often hundreds of thousands o...

Premium 57 pages 17960 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

Causes And Implication Of Street Trading By Girl Child In Kawo Motor Park Of Kaduna North Local Government Area, Kaduna State.

The presence of street trading in major cities of the world has transcended the level where it was viewed as strictly uncommon occurrence to a worrisome global problem. It is escalating and alarming....

Premium 64 pages 21376 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

The Socio-economic Effects Of Hawking Among Children In Some Selected Motor Parks Within Kaduna Metropolis, A Study Of Kawo Motor Park, Mando Motor Park And Kanti Kwari Motor Par

The phenomenon of street child hawking is an offshoot of complex interplay of various socio-economic and cultural factors, religious, cultural, linguistic and geographical diversity. The large-scale p...

Premium 56 pages 17214 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

Effects Of Premarital Sex On Adolescents In Kachia Local Government Area Of Kaduna State

The period of adolescence is lengthening, as biological maturity is reached earlier and social and economic independence achieved later because of the increase in opportunity for further education. It...

Premium 57 pages 18395 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

Challenges Of Women Cooperative In Rural Area, A Study Of Chikun Local Government Of Kaduna State.

Cooperative societies play an important role in facilitating women empowerment because they can address both economic and socio-cultural factors that perpetuate gender discrimination. Cooperatives, as...

Premium 78 pages 24410 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

The Determinant Of Teenage Pregnancy In Kaduna North Local Government Area Of Kaduna State.

table of contents chapter one: introduction 1.1    background of the study     -    -    -    -    - &nbs...

Premium 46 pages 16948 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

The Performance Of Informal Security Structures In Community Crime Control In Kaduna South Local Government Area Of Kaduna State

Peace, safety and security are both necessary and indispensable requirements for development and the attainment of good quality of life for any human society. Insecurity impacts negatively on all citi...

Premium 78 pages 24120 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Of Premarital Genetic Counselling On Sickle Cell Anemia Among Undergraduate Student In Kaduna State University


Premium 83 pages 24659 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

Social Stigma Associated With Sickle Cell Disease In Kaduna North Local Government Area Of Kaduna State

Sickle cell disease (SCD) is an autosomal recessively inherited disorder and one of the most common genetic conditions worldwide. Over 300 million people have sickle cell traits world-wide with three-...

Premium 51 pages 18008 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

Menstrual Discomfort And Its Influence On Academic Activities Of Female Students In Kaduna State University, Kaduna

The outset of menstruation is the most striking event in the whole process of female puberty. he prevalence of menstrual disorder among young women varies widely from country to country. As important...

Premium 81 pages 22870 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

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