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An Assessment Of The Level Of Abuse Of Tramadol Among People In Maiduguri Metropolis

 an assessment of thelevel of abuse of tramadol among people in maiduguri metropolis.  by yerima gwamnapga/10/07400 being project rep...

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The Causes And Effects Of Malnutrition On Pregnant Women In Onna Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State

this study was carried out to examine the causes and effect of malnutrition on pregnant women in onna local government area. to guide this work, three objectives and hypotheses were sets and f...

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Occupational Safety And Health (osh)

Occupational safety and health (osh) also commonly referred to as occupational health and safety (ohs) or workplace health and safety (whs) is an area concerned withthe ...

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Obesity: Cause,effects And Treatment.

Obesity is an epidemic disease that threatens to inundate health care resources by increasing the incidence of diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and cancer. these effects of obesity resul...

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Relationship Between Intrinsic Motivation And Intention To Be Physically Active Outside School By Secondary School Student In Ijebu-ode Local Government Area Of Ogun State

 This study examined the relationship betweenintrinsic motivation and intention to be physically active outside school bysecondary school students in ijebu-ode local gover...

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Premarital Sex And Abortion As Perceived Cause And Predisposing Factors Of Ill-health Conditions Among Students Of Olabisi Onabanjo University

premarital sex leading to abortion is a common phenomenon among youths especially the undergraduate which has led to several physiological and sociological  health issues such as sepsis,...

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Comprehensive Report On State Monitoring Of Maternal And Child Health Week

Introductionmaternal, newborn and child health week provides the practical exercise on safe motherhood, breastfeeding, child development, nutrition and growth, immunization, diarrhea, malaria, hiv/aid...

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The Impact Of Health Care Financing On Nigerian Economic Growth

The way a country finances its health care system is a key determinant of the health of its citizenry. This work is on The Impact of Health Care Financing on Nigerian Economic Growth....

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The Effect Of Dumping Human Waste In The Institute Of Management And Technology And How To Solve Them

introduction1.1 general background of the subject matterin our society, the state of the environment influences the inhabitants because environment is one of the key determinants of the optimal health...

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Influence Of Poverty And Education On Teenage Pregnancy

Teenagers all over the world attract attention. The life and sexuality of the young people are very important for our generation. They are the future of this age. Their attitude and character today de...

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