Role Of Planners In Transportation

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Transport is very key and important in the socio- economic transformation of any region or country.
It is the life wire upon which other socio-economic activities of any nation depend. Be that as it may,
government at all levels are always anxious to provide efficient transport services to meet the ever
increasing desire of man to move freely while pursing his day to day activities. In the developed
world, attention is shifting to the evaluation of transportation infrastructures as distinct from mere
provision of such facilities. Hence, this study examines the various efforts of government of some
developed countries of the world in their bid to make sure that transportation networks provision not
only exist in some localities, but perform the roles they are meant to perform. Data for this study was
collected from the secondary source through a review of existing literatures on how countries such
as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada Germany etc. have been able to apply
performance measures to their transportation system; thereby giving room for a near perfect and
efficient transportation system. Content analysis was used to analyze data. Findings revealed that no
serious agencies of government in Nigeria had been put in place at both the federal and state levels
to co-ordinate and promote performance measures of transportation networks. The study
recommended the establishment of agencies that can get feedback from the populace, the
performance level of transportation networks and infrastructures in Nigeria for improved
transportation system in the country.
(Keywords: Performance, Transportation, Networks and Lessons)
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