The Impact Of Agricultural Sector On Economic Growth Of Nigeria.

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 The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of Agricultural sector on economic growth of Nigeria within the period of 1990-2008. (Nineteen years period). The study was a secondary data research in which I adopted multiple regression models as my tool of analysis. The OLS was the estimation technique. From the analysis, the following findings were made: Agricultural sector has a positive relationship with Economic growth as a unit increased in agricultural sector led to 0.9 units increase in economic growth of Nigeria. I also found out that economic growth and development of Nigeria is attributed to Agriculture. From these findings, the researcher made the following recommendations; efficient and equitable distribution of farm inputs by the government, provision of basic infrastructure and social amenities, advancing of loans to farmers at low or no interest rate, adoption of strategies that would attract young graduates to farming, engaging of more extension workers that will be under the direct supervision of the ministry of Agriculture so as to encourage growth and development of the sector and economy at large. 

Title page                                  i
Approval page                                 ii
Dedication                                 iii
Acknowledgment                             iv
Abstract                                     v

1.1    Introduction                             1
1.2    Statement of the Problem                4
1.3    Review of Related Literature                5
1.4    Government Effort in Agriculture            12
1.3.2 Empirical Studies                         17
1.3.3    Theoretical Foundation                 24
1.4 Objective of the Study                     25
1.5    Hypothesis of the Study                     26
1.6    Scope of the Study                         26
1.7    Significance of the Study                 26

2.1 Conceptual and operational definition         29
2.2 Model Specification                         30
2.3 Model Justification                         31
2.4 Estimation Technique                        31
2.5 Result Evaluation                         32
2.6 A Priori Expectation                         34
2.7 Source of Data                             34

3.1 Presentation of Result                    35
3.2 Testing of Hypothesis                     37

4.1 Discussion of Result                        40
4.2 Implication of Findings                    42

5.1 Summary                                 45
5.2 Conclusion                                46
5.3 Recommendations                        47
5.4    Limitations of the Study                     48
5.5 Suggestion for further Studies                  49
       References                            50

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