Financial Planning And Control In Media Outfit

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Financial planning and control is important in an organization in the sense that it ensures proper planning and implementation of cash flow in the organization.  Financial planning and control also discover fraud and irregularities of financials.
In recent time, financial planning and control have been overviewed and emphasized by most organization.  Consequently, fraud, loss, theft of cash and material are of increase with case of financial planning and control weakness in the system.  This discussion emphasis will be placed on the type of control measure and financial planning and techniques in Vanguard Newspaper and how it has been used by the management to get accurate data.
The primary and secondary source of data will be discussed in the historical background and the preliminary steps in financial planning and control in vanguard newspaper industry and responsibility of the financial department.
Finally, offer the changes of the study, conclusion and recommendation will be made on the study.

Title page
Approval page
Table of contents

1.0 Introduction 
1.1 Scope of study
1.2 Objective of study
1.3 Significance of study
1.4 Limitation of study
1.5 Definition of terms

2.0 Literature Review
2.1 Definition of financial planning and control
2.2 Evolutions of Vanguard Newspaper Nigeria Limited
2.3 Historical Background of Newspaper industry in Nigeria
2.4 Preliminary steps in financial planning and control
2.5 Problems of media outfit

3.0 Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation
3.1 Summary
3.2 Conclusion
3.3 Recommendation

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