Pricing Policies

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Pricing Policy
1.0 Pricing Theory:
Pricing is an important and complex element of the marketing mix and generates the highest level of external interference because of its place as a major determinant of the volume of goods and services available for the consumers in any economy.

Title Page
Table of Contents

Chapter One
Pricing Policy
1.0 Pricing Theory
1.1 Concepts of Price/Pricing

Chapter Two
2.0 Price Fixing under Perfect Competition
2.1 Price Fixing under Perfect Competition
2.2 Marginal Approval under Perfect Competition
2.3 Marginal Approval under Imperfect Market
2.4 Importance of Price in an Economy
2.5 Pricing Strategies 

Chapter Three
3.0 Method of Pricing
3.1 Price Administration
3.2 Price Discrimination
3.3 Pricing Objectives 

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