Nylon Cutting And Sealing Machine

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This Nylon sealing and cutting machine has an added advantage of making 800 sealed bags per hour.  The constructional machines were sourced locally.
The machine can cut and seal Nylon at a affordable cost.  The constructional size of 31 cm x 7.5cm x 12.4 which comprises the following component.  The sealing and cutting filament, the transformer with 1000 turns of wire for the secondary and about 1200 turns for the primary. 
Others includes the micro switch, tephlon tape and aluminum sheet casing.
The machine has high performance and efficiency with reasonable degree of accuracy.
In the fabrication of the machine aluminum sheet were marked and cut to size.  The aluminum is placed to protect it from external stress and damage.  The filament element and the micro switch converts electrical energy to heat energy.  The total cost of the fabrication is N4020 with exclusion of other cost.    

Title Page ii
Letter of Transmittal iii
Statement of Fact iv
Abstract v
Dedication vi
Acknowledgement vii
Table of content viii

1.0 Introduction 1
1.1 Uses of Polythene/Nylon 2

2.0 Literature Review 4
2.1 Theory of Sealing 5
2.2 Sealing of Cellophane 6
2.3 Types of Sealing 7
2.4 Mode of Operation of the Machine 9

3.0 Constructional Procedure 11
3.1 Cost Estimation 14
3.2 Recommendation 15

4.0 Maintenance of the Machine 16
4.1 Conclusion 17
4.2 Reference 19

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