Loan Syndication: Impact On The Nigeria Econmy

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The study was focused on the study of loan syndication in the Nigeria financial market and its impact on the economy. The study examines the extent to which loan syndication has contributed to the performance of the Nigeria enterprise. Data was collected through the administration of the questionnaire numbering eighty (80) of which sixty-seven (67) were answered and returned. The response form the return questionnaire form the data for the research work.. This data were analyze on the bases of simple percentages while the Chi – square were employed in the test of the hypothesis 
The study reveals that loan syndication has improved the performance of the Nigeria enterprise. It has not been significantly being applied in the basis of the finding made. It was recommended that participating bank in loan syndication business should endeavor to set up distinct department or section with good management structure capable of dealing with the cooperate borrowers seeking for syndication loans and that banks should be involved in a lot of innovation programme that will increase their deposit base in order to comprehensively eliminate the fear of a possible liquidating that may arise from making syndication loan which one major reason for which should shy away from providing adequate syndication facilities to industrialist. 

Title page
Approval page 
Table of content


1.0 Introduction 
1.1 Statement of problems
1.2 Objective of study
1.3 Significance of study
1.4 Research hypothesis 
1.5 Scope and limitations of this study
1.6 Definition of terms 
2.1 Review related to literature
2.2 Background of the loan syndication 
2.3 Other financial market
2.4 Internationalization of the capital market 
2.5 Purpose of syndicating loan
2.6 Parties to loan syndication 
2.7 Contribution of syndication in project financing 
2.8 Problem of prospect of loan syndication in  the nigeria financial market  

3.1 Research design and methodology 
3.2 Sample procedure 
3.3 Data collection 
3.4 Data analysis techniques
3.5 Determination of the sample size 

4.1 Data presentation and analysis 
4.2 Test of hypothesis
5.1 Summaries, conclusion and recommendation 
5.2 Findings 
5.3 Conclusion 
5.4 Biography
5.5 Questionnaires and appendix

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