Design And Fabrication Of A 12m3 Mobile Deep Freezer

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This write up is a detail of the process and information of plan for the physical realization of the construction of the 1M3 mobile deep freezer. It is divided into chapters, which discussed extensively the practical refrigeration cycle with full attention given to design factors working principle and choice of material. The method used in fabrication, assembly and driving the safety requirement was not left out.  
Title Page i
Release Page ii
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Approval Page iv
Dedication v
Acknowledgement vi
Abstract vii
Table of Content viii
List of Symbols ix
Chapter One  
1.0 Introduction 1
1.1 The application of the refrigeration principle 2
1.2 Purpose of the project 3
1.3 benefits of the project 3
Chapter Two
2.0 Literature Review 6
2.1 Specification of the problem 7
2.2 Conditions for use 8
2.3 Characteristics of the project 8
Chapter Three
3.0 Synthesis of Solution 13
3.1 Theory of Design and Analysis 13
3.2 Determination of C. O. P. of Refrigeration 16
Chapter Four
4.0 Construction and Material Selection 20
4.1 Description of Material Selection 20
4.2 Assembly of the work or project 22
Chapter Five
5.0 Cost of Analysis 25
5.1 Conclusion 27
References 31

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