Role Of Marketing Information System In Enhancing Sales

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A marketing information system (MIS) is an orderly procedure for the regular collection of raw data both internally and externally and the conversion of these data into information for marketing decisions.  In another word, MIS is a structure of people, equipment and procedure to gather, sort, analyze, evaluate and distribute needed, timely and accurate information to marketing decision making.
In order to make key marketing decisions, (MIS) must watch the marketing environment t and provide decision makers with information they should have MIS distributes information to managers in the right form and at the right time to help them in marketing planning, implementation and control.
Marketing Information System can play important roles, such as assessing information needs, developing information and distributing information, in an attempt and effort towards improving the general level of sale in and company.  Marketing Information System is useful for controlling day-to-day activities and planning for the efficient use of people and money.  Finally, in today’s rapidly changing environment managers need more better up-to-date information to make timely decision.  Most companies of today are faced with the problem of declining level of sales.

This is the situation that led the researcher to a research work in order to know the roles that could be played by the marketing information system in enhancing sales in Ideal Flour Mills Ltd, Kaduna as the case study.  It was also intended to bring out what the system has failed. The research work is carried out in order to be of a great help and importance to any company that will like to embark on marketing information system, in order to be able to establish a well rooted company through the enhancement of sales.  Therefore, the researcher will seek to improve the marketing information system as related to the Ideal Flour Mills Ltd, Kaduna  It is believed that at the end of this research work, the sales level of the company and other existing companies in the country will be greatly improved.
This research work will be limited to the marketing information system of the Ideal Flour Mills Ltd, Kaduna, because of the financial constraint facing by the researcher.

Title Page  
Approval Page  
Table of Content  

1.0 Study Background  
1.1 Statement Of The Problem  
1.2 Historical Background  
1.3 Objective Of The Study  
1.4 Significance Of The Study  
1.5 Scope And Limitation  
1.6 Statement Of Hypothesis  
1.7 Definition Of Related Terms  

2.0 Literature Review  
2.1 Definition Of Marketing Information System  
2.2 Objective Of Marketing Information System  
2.3 Functions Of Marketing Information System  
2.4 Limitation of Marketing Information System  
2.5 Sales Promotion  
2.6 Contribution Of Marketing Information In Nigeria  

3.0 Research Design And Methodology  
3.1 Sources Of Data  
3.2 Research Instrument  
3.3 Population  
3.4 Sample Size Determination  
3.5 Questionnaire Design  
3.6 Questionnaire Distribution and Collection  
4.0 Data Presentation And Analysis  
4.1 Data Presentation And Interpretation  
4.2 Test Of Hypothesis  
4.3 Research Finding  

5.0 Summary, Conclusion And Recommendation  
5.1 Summary  
5.2 Conclusion  
5.3 Recommendations  

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