Effects Of Soil Properties On Erodibility And Infiltration: A Case Study Of Unaab Hostel

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Erodibility of UNAAB soil series for nine plots behind the female hostel ( i.e. plot A – I) using regression equation were determined by evaluating first organic matter content, using the Walky Blanks method, the particle size analysis, permeability test, bulk density and chemical properties of the soil such as Sodium, Cation Exchange Capacity, acidity, Potassium, Magnessium and calcium.

The organic matter content of the soil(Ibadan series-sandy loam) was found to be;plot1 depthA&B( 2.017%, 2.133%),plot2 depthA&B(2.084%, 2.133%),plot3 depthA&B( 1.278%, 1.307%),plot4 depthA&B( 1.200%, 1.221%),plot5 depthA&B( 2.622%,2.734%),plot6depthA&B(1.523%,1.549%),plot7depthA&B(1.479%,1.514%),plo t8 depthA&B(3.967%,4.058%),plot 9depthA&B(1.143%,1.169%) and the average particle size was fou.3nd to be; plot1(87.05% sand, 1.79% clay,11.5% silt),plot2(86.8%sand,1.85%silt,11.5%clay),plot3(84.7%sand,2.8%silt,12.5%clay),plot4( 86.0%sand,3.8%silt,10.5%clay),plot5(86.0%sand,3.3%silt,11.5%clay),plot6(87.3%sand, 2.5%silt,9.8%clay),plot7(87.3%sand,1.0%silt,11.4%clay),plot8(83.8%sand,4.7%silt,11.4 %clay),plot9(86.3%sand,3.3%silt,11.5%clay).This confirms the earlier report that the soil can be classified as Ibadan series.

The erodibility values (factor) for the plot were determined as follows: plot 1,depth A&B(0.00000922,0.003587), plot2 depthA&B(0.00346,0.00383),plot3 depth A&B(0.0212, 0.00354),plot4 (0.003966, 0.00397),plot5 deptA&B(0.003304,0.003255),plot6 deptA&B( 0.004088, 0.004088),plot7 depthA&B( 0.003673, 0.000354),plot8 depthA&B( 0.002805, 0.00335),plot 9 depthA&B( 0.003957, 0.003756). The values of erodibilities as presented is low and this indicate that the soil will be susceptible to erosion.Both terrace and strip cropping conservation measure is therefore recommended to curb erosion menace as witnessed in the area.

Title page
Table of content
List of figures
List of tables

1.0     Introduction
1.0.1  Weathering
1.1     General Objectives
1.2     Specific Objective
1.3     Problem Statement
1.4     Justification

2.0    Literature Review
2.0.1 Soil Erosion
2.0.2 Infiltration
2.0.3 The Infiltration Process
2.0.4 Erodibility
2.0.5 Soil Properties Affecting Infiltration
2.0.6 Porosity and Infiltration
2.0.7 Soil Texture
2.0.8 Soil Structure
2.1    Erosion by Water
2.2    Erosion by Wind
2.3    Rainfall Erosivity
2.4    Factors Affecting Soil Erodibility
2.5    Organic Matter Content
2.6    Soil Aggregates Content
2.7    Soil Structure
2.8    Erodibility Test
2.9    Direct Field Plot Technique
2.10  Indirect Measurements
2.11  Empirical Indices

3.0       Materials and Method
3.1       Materials
3.2       Methods
3.2.1    Field Works
3.2.2    Laboratory
3.2.3    Determination of Soil Properties Affecting Erodibility and Infiltration35 Soil Texture
3.2.4    Calculations of Water Content Using Hydrometer Method
3.2.5    Determination of Soil Moisture Content
3.2.6    Gravimetric Soil Water  Field Sampling  Drying of Samples
3.2.7     Hand Feel Method
3.2.8     Bulk Density and Water Content Calculation   Organic Matter Content Determination    Particle Size Analysis   Soil Structure Code   Permeability Class Test   Aggregate Stability
3.3         Bulk Density Determination
3.3.1      Estimation of Erodibility Using Erodibility Nomograph
3.4         Chemical Properties Determination
3.4.1     Soil pH
3.5        Exchangeable Acidity in Soil

4.0      Results and Discussion
4.1      Results
4.1.1   Organic Matter Content
4.2      Particle Size Distribution
4.3      Evaluated Erodibility Values as Compared to Estimated Values from the Erodibility Nomograph
5.0    Conclusion and Recommendation
5.1    Conclusion
5.2    Recommendation

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