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Determination Of Crop Coefficient Of A Variety Of Maize(abontem Maize)

in a study at knust weather station,the crop co-efficient values at initial, development, mid-season, and lateseason stages of abontem maize (hybrid variety) were determined as 0.42...

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Determination Of The Consumptive Use (evapotranspiration) Of Groundnut (a Case Study Of A Groundnut Farm Land In Awha Imezi, Ezeagu Local Government Area Of Enugu State)

   The consumptive use of water assures all year round production of groundnut prone to the vagaries of weather and climate. this brought about the need to supply moisture that is na...

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Construction Of A Motorized Cassava Peeling Machine

 The motorized cassava peeling machine is a type of cassava peeling method that is adopted to reduce drudgery. in cassava peeling operations. this method, unlike the manual peeling method...

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Comaparism Of The Efficiency Of Sawdust, Coconut Fibre, Wood Chips In Purification Crude Oil Polluted Water

a comparative study was conducted among organic waste materials namely coconut fiber, hair, sawdust and woodchips as crude oil absorbents. twenty grams of each of these materials were wrapped...

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Evaluation Of The Effects Of Flooding On Three Varieties Of Rice (a Case Study Of Abakaliki, Ebonyi State)

flooding has been described as one of the most important environmental factors determining the distribution of salt marsh plants. we studied the impact of five water levels on the germination...

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Evaluation Of The Effects Of Anthropoenic Activities And Domestic Waste On Surface Water Quality (a Case Study Of Ekulu River, Enugu).

the microbiological and organic pollutants characteristics of umuosoko stream in ikwuano local government area, enugu state, nigeria were carried out. twenty water samples were collected from...

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Design Construction And Performance Evaluation Of A Model Waste Stabilization Pond

The study aimed at the design, construction and performance evaluation of a model Waste Stabilization Pond (WSP). The WSP comprised of one facultative pond and three maturation ponds all in series. Th...

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Design And Performance Evaluation Of A Waste Water Treatment Plant.

The study aimed at the design, construction and performance evaluation of a model domestic wastewater treatment plant was carried out. The treatment unit was a Waste Stabilization Pond (WSP) comprised...

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Thermal Conversion Of Palm Kernel Shell And Mesocarp Fruit Fibre Into Fuel

Palm Oil processing yield a considerable quantity of palm kernel shell (PKS) and mesocarp fruit fiber (MFF)....

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The Influence Of Rainfall Duration On Splash Produced From A Loamy Sand Soil

At the event of soil erosion, rain splash erosion supplies materials for subsequent transportation and entrainment....

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