Construction Of An Fm Transmitter

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This project work is on the construction of an F.M transmitter this system consists of four discrete modules namely the audio frequency (AF) amplifier (class A) the modulator the master oscillator and the radio frequency (RF) amplifier (ClassC) these formed the conventional events for building FM transmitter here the signal (from the microphone) is fed into the (AF) for amplification then to the modulator which combines the modulating signal with the carrier wave transports the modulated signal through (RF) for final amplification to the antenna via the resonance circuit for propagation the transmitter was tested using radio receiver it transmitted clearly at the frequency of 108 MH3 and the coverage was to metres.
Title page
Approval page
Table of content 

Chapter one 
Concept of modulation and demodulation
Objective of the project 
Significance of the project.

Chapter two   
Literature review 
Historical background of the project 
Theories and models relevant to the construction
System component description

Chapter three   
Hardware construction and implementation
Block diagram and system specification
Construction of audio frequency (Af) amplifier stage
Construction of radio frequency (RF) amplifier stage
Circuit diagram of FM transmitter
Circuit component analysis
Component list

Chapter four        
Methodology packaging testing and results 
Packaging of the system  
Testing and results 

Chapter five
Cost analysis problems encountered
Recommendation and conclusion 
Cost analysis 
Problems encountered 

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