Structural Detailing Of Two Storey Building

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The whole information conveyed in this book has been planned and written for proper understanding of structural detailing of a building. 
The approach in this book is to provide the readers sound and basic knowledge in structural detailing in a building. Consequently, I have given more details than is normally given in a book concerning detailing of structural members, which include slabs, beam, stairway and column. 
This book will also provide some bases as a prerequisite in detailing worth of a small residential building.
All the works t o be carried out, as regard to this field are mostly, the work of a structural engineer throughout the end of the project.

Approval Page
Structural symbols and notation

1. Introduction
2. Detailing Process
3. Design Condition and Summary
4. Reinforced Concrete 
5. Engineering Design Specifications
6. Detailing of the Elements

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