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The Contributions Of Presynaptic Alpha-2 (α2) Receptors And Prostaglandin E-series To The Control Of Sympathetic Nervous Activity.

      the sympathetic nervous systems (sns) is an efferent division of theautonomic nervous system (ans) with neurons which anatomically originates inthe central n...

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Drug Abuse

'drugabuse' is no longer a current medical diagnosis in either of the most useddiagnostic tools in the world, the american psychiatric association'sdiagnosticand statistical man...

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Effect Of Lisinopril An Angiotensin Converting Enzyme(ace) Inhibitor On Spermatogenesis In Rats

The role of ACE inhibitors (Lisinopril) in reproductive function remains controversial. Some benefits seem to be derivable even in non-hypertensive males with low doses. This study was don...

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