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Magic Poetry: A Study Of Arugba Invocation In Osun Osogbo Festival

Oral literature is an unwritten relation that encapsulates African values and aspiration through which their philosophy, customs, beliefs, history etc. are preserved and transmitted from...

Premium 47 pages 8825 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

Mother Tongue Interference In English News Cast: A Case Of A Kwara Television News

Language and man are inseparable and since the languages of the world come in contact, there is bound to be a problem like mother tongue interference which is a sociolinguistic phenomenon. Thi...

Premium 59 pages 8734 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

Orature In Modern African Literature Using: Wole Soyinka’s The Beatification Of Area Boy

The contemporary African Literature is believed to be a revolutionary literature that looks critical  into contemporary social situations with a view of amending the wrongs therein.  ...

Premium 49 pages 7726 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

Pragmatic Features Of Nigerian English: A Case Study Of Selected Poems Of Bayo Adebowale

This essay focused on the pragmatic features of Nigeria English as used in literatures, using the selected poems of Bayo Adebowale as a case study, to see how these pragmatic features have hel...

Premium 55 pages 10310 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

Racism And Aesthetics In Alex La Guma’s A Walk In The Night And Peter Abrahams’ Mine Boy

The dominant literature in Africa had been oral literature, oral literature has been existing since a long time. There was a long delay in the emergence of written literature because of the wide-sprea...

Premium 38 pages 8167 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

Religion And Morality In John Updike’s ‘a&p’ And Salman Rushdie’s ‘the Prophet’s Hair’.

Religion and morality, considered as two inseparable entities, are central preoccupations in literature. The two are viable tools in exploring the concerns of many writers including John Updik...

Premium 67 pages 14525 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

Satire And Social Mediation In Wole Soyinka's: A Case Study Of The Trials Of Brother Jero And A Play Of Giants

This research endeavour focuses on the social and political ills prevalent in the African societies with the view of correcting them thus, making the contemporary society a better place to li...

Premium 87 pages 14656 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

Satire In Contemporary Nigerian Poetry: A Study Of Tayo Olafioye’s A Carnival Of Looters And Musa I. Okpanachi’s The Eaters Of The Living

This study is based on Satire in contemporary Nigeria Poetry, using The Eaters of the Living by Okpanachi and A Carnival of Looters by Tayo Olafioye. The poets adopt satire as their style so a...

Premium 50 pages 9622 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

Social Relevance Of Niyi Osundare’s The Eye Of The Earth

This study proposes to bring out the social relevance of Niyi Osundare’s The Eye of the Earth. African Oral aesthetics or the Social relevance are the  verbal parts of African Oral Lit...

Premium 66 pages 11742 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

Socio-political Motifs In Niyi Osundare’s The Eye Of The Earth And Village Voices

Literary scholars believed that literature serves as one of the viable tools for transforming and liberating the society from it ills. This study however attempted to investigate the socio-po...

Premium 57 pages 7907 words Project Diploma/Degree/Masters Level

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