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Drug Abuse Among Secondary School Students: Significance Of Counselling

this study is on drug abuse and its significantof counseling, it was carried out in selected students of government scienceschool in obi local government of nasarawa state, nigeria...

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Influence Of Gender And Self – Esteem On Depression Among Diabetic Patients

This study investigated influence of gender and self-esteem on depression among diabetic patients. one hundred and thirty (130) diabetic patients (77 with low self-esteem and 53 with high self...

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The Inclusive Roles Of The Public Library To The Disabled

the excluded are the library patrons with disabilities.  they are the disadvantaged group who are most of the time denied access to library services.  they can only benefit maximally...

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Transformational Leadership Style As A Catalyst For Change In The Nigerian Academia

AbstractEducation is the bedrock of every society and a tool for nation building (Adegbesan, 2011). The development of any nation is therefore engendered by the effectiveness of the various institutio...

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Impact Of Orphanage Home On The Child Personality Development

The orphanage home is one of the numerous social institution that have emerged over the year to carter for some of the social needs of orphanage associated with such problems....

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Effectiveness Of Human Relations In The Banking Industry

Human Resource is a management approach that is aimed at understanding how psychological and social process interacts with the work situation to influence performance. Human relations are the...

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Behavioural Problems In The Society

Behavioural problems are bad, unacceptable behavioural in a given society. Behavioural problems (maladjustment)is defined as bad or unsatisfactory adjustment of behaviour...

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The Attitude To Infertility By Couples And Its Effect On Marriage Stability

Marriage institution is found in all societies and has been an age long affair that started from Adam....

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Study Of Factors Influencing Divorce

This study investigated the Study of Factors Influencing Divorce. There are many factors in a marriage that can influence a divorce, this study revealed that marital infidelity plays a remarkable role...

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Effect Of Gender And Locality On Altruistic Behavior Among Adults

This study investigated gender and locality on altruistic behavior among adults. A total of 100 participants comprising 50 males (25 rural and 25 urban), 50 females (25 rural and 25 urban) were used....

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