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Influence Of Internal Control Measures In The Managemet Of Stores Department. (a Case Study Of Kenya Wildlife Service Meru Station)

          CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY 1.1 INTRODUCTIONS This chapter gives the overall background of the entire study of my research. It also entails the objectives of th                  ...

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Materials Management And Its Effect On Cost Of Supplies

background: in most organizations within the country (ghana), materials management hasbeen relegated to the background without any proper control. this meansthat companies are investing heavily in mat...

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The Impact Of Inventory Management On Service Delivery In Public Health Facilities: A Case Study Kidera Health Centre Iii

The study examined the impact of inventory management on service delivery in public health facilities. The objectives of the study were to examine the inventory management techniques, to assess the wa...

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Supply Market (a Case Study Of Upkon Esan (igbu Cloth) In Esan West Local Government Area Of Edo State.

Introduction: This  project work for  “supply market” of ukpon  esan otherwise known as  “igbu cloth”. this work is being carried out at a place known and called  ogwa i...

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Negotiation As A Cost Reduction Tool In Materials Purchases (a Case Study Of Asaba Tex Nigeria Limited)

This research work on negotiation as a cost reduction tools on materials purchases a case study of asaba tex nig. ltd. the scope of this research work covers every activity which has to do wit...

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An Appraisal Of The Extent Of Purchasing Department’s Involvement In International Buying In Agricultural Institutions. (a Case Study Of The International Institute Of Tropical Agriculture I.i.t.a, Ibadan)

A research work presented to the school of business studies, department of purchasing and supply management  table of contentresearch proposal title page dedication acknowledgment    t...

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The Impact Of Exchange Rate Fluctuation On International Trade (export) In Nigeria

International trade and other Economic activities between nationalities have greatly expanded in moderntimes. movements of goods and services over great distances have made possible...

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The Impact Of It On Materials Management At Electricity Company

he research stresses on the impact of IT in materials management. The efficient management of materials with IT partly accounts for high productivity. The report is divided into five sections. The fi...

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The Effect Of Material Handling On The Profitability Of An Organization

Material Management, as practiced in business today, can be defined as “a confederacy of traditional material activities bound by a common idea. The idea of an integrated management approach to planni...

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Impact Of Leadership Styles On The Performance Of Kwara State Public Transport Company

performance of any organization is not only measured in terms of the attainment of it goal. the success of any establishment depend on the ability of those who manage....

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