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Effect Of Public Debt, Unemployment And Economic Growth In Nigeria

The study investigates public debt,unemployment and economic growth in nigeria the study howeverinvestigates the level of real gross domestic product vis-à-vis external debt,int...

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Effect Of External Debt On Economic Growth Of Nigeria.

The study investigatesthe effect of external debt on economic growth in nigeria. the study howeverinvestigates the level of real gross domestic product vis-à-vis external debt,e...

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A Critical Assessment Of The Survival Strategies Of Deposit Money Banks In A Depressed Economy With Special Reference To The First Bank Of Nigeria Plc

INTRODUCTION The practice of banking and financing in Nigeria is culturally rooted and dates back several centuries ago. In the 1940s, the traditional financial institutions provide access to credit...

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Impact Of Government Expenditure On Nigerian Economic Growth

The work was on the impact of government expenditure on nigeria growth (1981 – 2010) dealing with secondary data from the central bank of nigeria (cbn) and the national bureau of statistics...

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The Analysis Of The Impact Of Unemployment And Inflation On Balance Of Payment In Nigeria

The major goals of macro-economic policy are: to achieve full employment in other words maintain a low and stable level of unemployment. to maintain a relative stable level of price payment po...

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Value Added Tax Vat And Price Stability In Nigeria

Value added tax (vat) is a consumption tax on the value added to a product in the process of production. like all other indirect taxes, it is a tax that targets the final consumer of goods an...

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Unemployment And Inflation In Nigeria

Undoubtedly, parts of the macroeconomic goals which the government strives to achieve are the maintenance of stable domestic price level and full-employment. macroeconomic performance is judge...

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The Role Of The Nigerian Stock Exchange On Capital Formation

This study was carried out to determine the effect of stock market on capital formation in nigeria. the variables included in the model were, gross fixed capital formation, value of share trad...

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The Role Of The Agricultural Sector As An Accelerator To Nigeria Economy

By the time nigeria became politically independent in october 1960,agriculture was the dominant sector of the economy, contributing about 70% of the gross domestic product (gdp) employing abo...

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The Role Of Stock Market In The Growth Of Nigerian Economy

This study attempts to investigate the role of the stock market in the growth of the nigerian economy spanning through 1980 – 2010. the broad objective of this work is to ascertain the role...

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