Information Technology It’s (infotech) Significance In The Banking Sector

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This study is intended to evaluate the impact of information technology in the bank sector for a period of two years.
In the process of the research we shall discover how information technology succeeded in the banking sector.
Information technology which deals with the role, the impact it play in the banking sector so that the banking sector will have to be improve.
The policy aim at achieving some specific objective by influencing introducing technology in the banking sector.
The objective of the study includes the following, to find out what and direction all the technology used in the banking sector, the effect it has in the banking sector, how successful it has in the banking sector, the aim of introducing these instrument used within the period, another objective of the study is to know, the instrument of information technology and know whether they perform blow expectation who and what is responsible for it performance. 
Methodology used in collecting data include only secondary source of data work and the data was from the annual reports statistical data etc.
From the data collected the researcher found out what the various form of information technology included the lest of online method computer, home banking method, the researcher true value them to know the one that is more effective, she also worked at the problem inability the of instruments which were factors, like the absence of an effective frame work for supervising non bank financial institution and checking leakage in the information system.

Title Page
Approval Page
Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background of the Study
1.2 Statement of the Problem
1.3 Objective of the Study-
1.4 Hypothesis
1.5 Significance of the Study
2.0 Literature Review
2.1 History of Information Technology
2.3 Integrated information technology solution to banking sector

3.0 Research, Design and Methodology
3.1 Source of Data
3.2 Location of Data
3.3 Method of Analysis

4.1 Summary of Finding
4.2 Finding

5.0 Recommendations and Conclusion
5.1 Recommendation
5.2 Conclusion

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