The Role Of The Press In A Democracy (the Press In Perspective)

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The study deals with the analysis of the   role of the Nigerian press in the democratic struggle in Nigeria. The research method used was the survey method, with the questionnaires and interview as the  method for data collection. The study kicks off from the definition of democracy as the government of the people by the  people and for the people, including brief definition of some features of democracy like popular sovereignty, popular consultation and periodical elections. Using constentical questionnaires given to eight  (80) respondents, the study analyzer the  press and its revolution and power a growth and development of the Nigerian press in democracy. Respondents are polled in four categories: Lectures layers politicians and general citizens . Analyses of their  responses show that the press is essential for provide my owners for the participation of all members of the society in decision making. As a recommendation the press is urged to put up expensive and effective machinery to cover the nation as a whole and not just the cities and their aliclist inhabitants the  press was also admonished to work towards national cohesion and to d  this it should consciously purse the goal of getting Nigerian to think and reason as Nigerian rather than alongside the dividends of ethnicity the findings  are
1.    That the Nigeria press has so for performed its role of adducting and people on the need to make wise choice from competing alternatives during elections.
2.    That the  role of the press in promoting and entrenching sustainable and  effective democracy is      very essential.
3.    That the Nigerian press has fearlessly and responsibly performed its roles of not only informing people to make wise choices, but also safeguarding. 


Title page                                     II
Certification                                 III
Dedication                                     IV
Acknowledgement                             V
Abstract                                     VII
Table of contents                                VIII
List of tables and figures                         XI   

INTRODUCTION                             1
Statement of problem                             7
Rationale and Purpose of the study                 9
Significance of the study                         11
Research Questions                            12
Research Hypothesis                             13
Definitions of terms                             14
Limitation of the study                             15

LITERATURE REVIEW                         16
Press its Revolution and power growth and
 development of Nigeria press Expected Roes of press in Democracy Philosophies or Typologies concept of freedom of press in democracy                            31

 Sampling Procedure                             38
Data Collection Instrument                         39
Data collection method                         40
Data Analysis                                 40
DATA ANALYSIS AND FINDING                     42

Findings                                     53
Recommendation and                             54
Bibliography                                57
Questionnaire                                60

TABLE 1 :    The respondents view of the press roles in Nigeria democracy .
TABLE 11 : Respondents rating of the press roles in Nigeria democracy so far. 
TABLE 111:    The respondents” view of the major roles o the press in Nigerian Democracy
TABLE 1V:    .   How far has the press performed it roles.
TABLE   V:    respondents view on whether Nigerian press is free to  perform its roles.  
TABLE V1:  The threat to press freedom in Nigeria.

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