The Impact Of Capital Market On The Economic Growth Of Nigeria

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This research work was embarked upon with a view to determine the impact of the capital market on the economic growth of Nigeria. The capital market was set up to achieve specific objectives which would boost the economy such as encourage domestic savings and increasing the quantity and quality of investments. The capital market offers access to a variety of financial instruments which are very essential for government and other institutions in need of long term funds. The data was obtained from the CBN Statistical Bulletin (1980 – 2009) and analyzed using ordinary least square analysis. The result shows that the capital market has a positive and significant impact on the country’s economic growth. It also revealed the limited contribution of the market to the development of the industrial sector.

Title Page   
Approval Page   
Table of Content   

1.0    Introduction   
1.1    Background of the Study   
1.2    Statement of the Problem
1.3    Research Questions   
1.4    Objectives of the Study   
1.5    Hypothesis of the Study   
1.6    Significance of the Study       
1.7    Scope and Limitation of the Study   
1.8    Organization of the Study   

2.0    Literature Review   
2.1    Theoretical and Conceptual Framework   
2.2    Review of Related Concepts   
2.2.1    Capital Market and Economic Growth   
2.2.2   Definition of Capital Market   
2.2.3   Overview of the Nigerian Capital Market   
2.2.4    The Nigerian Security and Exchange Commission   
2.2.5   The Nigerian Stock Exchange   
2.2.6    Economic Growth   
2.2.7    Impact of Capital Market on Economic Growth Of Nigeria   
2.3    Empirical Review       
2.3.1   Empirical Review on Other Countries   
2.3.2   Empirical Review on Nigeria   

3.0    Methodology of Research   
3.1    Sources of Data       
3.2    Method of Evaluation       
3.3    Model Specification       

4.0    Presentation of Result and Data Analysis   
4.1    Presentation of Regression Results:   
4.2     Analysis of the Result       
4.2.1    Analysis of the Reg    ression Coefficients:   
4.2.2   Analysis of the Evaluation Methods Evaluation Based On Economic Criteria Evaluation Based On Statistical Criteria Econometric Criteria (Second-Order Test)   
4.3    Hypothesis Testing       

5.0    Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations   
5.1    Summary       
5.2    Conclusion       
5.3    Policy Recommendations       

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