Design And Construction Of Automatic Emergency Light

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As the name of the project implies “Automatic Emergency Light” is an electronic system that can provide light during emergency situations i.e when mains (NEPA) supply fails.  This system can provide enough light with full brightness in a given room or office.  
The system makes use of white light emitting diodes for the lightings.  It is automatic in operation, in the sense that it can switch itself off when the battery charges full.
Automatic Emergency light comprises three sections: Rectifier section, charger section and the LED driver section.  The rectifier section comprises the step down transformer and the bridge  rectifier using four Diodes (IN4007x4), which converts the AC input to DC output (with some ac ripples).  This DC voltage is feed into the charger circuit after filtration.  The charger circuit is designed to charge the battery, which will power the LEDs when there is no mains supply.  The LEDs driver section consists a number of white LEDs connected in parallel, with 100n resistor in series with each.  The LEDs are built around a switching transistor.  This sections is the light section.
As said earlier, these LEDs give full liquid to the room or office when NEPA is off.
Automatic Emergency light system should not be confused or misunderstood with an inverter system.  The two are not the same.  An inverter converts a DC voltage to AC voltage but an Automatic Emergency light does not.  Also an invert is used to power other AC loads while this Automatic emergency light is used for lightings which make use of light emitting diodes only.  The efficiency of the Automatic emergency light system depends on the potential capacity of the battery.
With this system, when mains supply (NEPA) is off, the Electronics Engineers can say let there be light, and there will be light.

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1.0 Introduction 1
1.1 Aim 3
1.2 Scope of Study 3
1.3 Limitation 5

2.0 Literature Review 6
2.1 Component Used Discuss 7

3.0 System Operation 20
3.1 Block Diagram 20
3.2 Circuit Diagrams 24

4.0 System Construction  and System Packaging 25
4.1 Prototyping 25
4.2 Component Mounting 25
4.3 Soldering 26
4.4 Testing 27
4.5 Packaging 28

5.0 System Testing and Result 29
5.1 Continuity Testing 29
5.2 Voltage Testing 29
5.3 Result 30
5.4 BEME 31

6.0 Conclusion and Recommendation 33
6.1 Conclusion 33
6.2 Recommendation 33
References 35

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