Effect Of Bank Failure On Nigeria Economic Development

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Effect of bank failure and economic development in Nigerian
Banks occupy the most strategic point in the financial system of the economy.
This study is not antagonistic of any other rather it is complementary. Others works have to been used here and duty acknowledge but everything is with an intent to find a lasting solution to the issue of bank failure.
The study   will be base upon data collected through information sifted from books journals annuals, periodicals. All the relevant data obtain during the collection is going to be analyze generally ad used to deduce the findings.
In the process of this project, certain questing have to be asked. Solution proffered and prospects for the failure explain but none of them seems to have solved the problem. The research questions are thus is it the inadequate attention accorded to un-organized private sector in favour of the organized sector (especially the merchant banks). Is it the erosion of their capital base due to inflationary trends in the economy not enough? Is it due to lack of technical expertise in most banks? And is it due to poor internal control systems and the rate at which banld 90 in liquidation? 
In respect of all this question, the researcher discover that Nigeria economy is still under developed one and will take the astuteness of every single Nigeria to get it out of the doldrums. In the researcher view, it is only when the economy become stablemen when failure might not be enbirdy   absent but reduced to rate.
The researcher as taken a measure, that every me has to play a role and not only the authorities.

Title page 
Table of content 

1.1The background of the study    
1.2Statement of the problem 
1.3Objective of the study 
1.4Project question 
1.5Significant of study 
1.6Limitation of study 

2.0Review of related literature 
2.1The genesis of banking in Nigeria 
2.2Types of banking institute in Nigeria 
2.3The roles of banks in Nigeria economic development 
2.4Causes of bank failure 
2.5Effect of bank failure on Nigeria economy 

3.0Research design and methodology 
3.1Sources of data (Secondary data only)
3.2Location of data
3.3Methods of data collections 

4.0Findings and discussion 

5.1Recommendation and conclusion 

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