The Impact Of Bank Failure In Nigeria Economy A Case Study Of Savannah Bank Of Nigeria Plc

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The aim of this research study is to analyze and ascertain the
extent to which fraud and poor management contributed to bank failure
through a careful analysis of banking industry with a particular
reference to the presently embattled Savannah Bank of Nigeria Plc. whose
operating license was recently revoked.

    Chapter one examined the historical development of banking in
Nigeria, recognizing the catalytic roles of the business of banking in
the economy, together with other introductory analysis on the extent of
bank failure and fraud and their effect on the development of banking
business in Nigeria.

    In chapter two, an overview of bank failure in Nigeria economy was
made. Emphasis were laid on their genesis, caused (fraud and poor
management), control issues involved in bank failure management.
Particular attention was drawn on the impact of banking business in the
overall development of the people, and economy and the implications of
its failure. The controversy surrounding the revocation of the operating
license of Savannah Bank Plc and the prospects of banking business were
also treated.

    In chapter three, the research narrated how the various data for
this study were collected and which informations were used with a view
to realizing the objectives of the study.

    In chapter four, tables of percentages were used to present and
analyze the data collected and which information were used with a new to
realizing the objective of the study.

    In chapter four, tables of percentages were used to present in
analyze the data collected while chi-square method was used to test the
postulated hypothesis.

Finally, in chapter five, a critical analysis of the research study
revealed that bank failure in Nigeria are attributable principally to
fraud, poor management team and adverse economic conditions among other
institutional and non- institutional factors. However, it was
recommended among other things that due to the peculiar and strategic
position of the banking industries and their synergistic effects of
change arising. Therefore government should closely monitor the
activities of bands through their agencies/regulatory authorities
without necessarily politicizing their mandate Banks should equally
strengthen their internal control measure. Moreover, if the regulatory
authority saddle with the responsibility of managing industry keep an
eagle in the industry’s activities, it will stem the tide to bank
meddling with the fortunes of depositors shareholders and other
interested parties and forth overall benefit of the economy. This is in
view of the catalytic role of banking business in the economic
confidence in the banking public.     Further research on very relevant
linked area of the research topic was also suggested by the research.
This is in view of the dynamism, and inexhaustibility of the topic of
Title page                                         ii
Approval page                                    iii
Dedication                                        iv
Acknowledgement                                    v
Table of contents                                     vi
Abstract                                         ix
1.0    Introduction                                    1
1.1    Background of the Study                            1
1.2    Statement of Problem                            4
1.3    Objective of the study                            7
1.4    Significance of the Study                            9
1.5    Research Questions                            11
1.6    Formulation of Hypothesis                        12
1.7    Scope and Limitations of the Study                     12
1.8    Definition of Terms                            14
Reference                                    17
CHAPTER TWO                                
2.0    Literature Review                                 18
2.1    Evolution of Banks Failure in Nigeria                    25
2.2    Fraud in Banks- An overview                        33
2.3    The poor management control system and Bank Failure         37
2.4    Tackling Bank failure in Nigeria                    40
2.5    Savannah Bank of Nigeria PLC and the Banking    
Regulatory umpire: The seizure of operating license        45
2.6    Future prospects of Banking business in Nigeria            51
2.7    Summary of Literature Review.                        55
Reference                                    56
3.0    Research Methodology                             58
3.1    Research Design                                59
3.2    Area of Study                                60
3.3    Population of Study                             62
3.4    Sample and Sampling procedure                    63
3.5    Instruments for Data collection                         68
(a)    Primary sources                                68
(b)    Secondary sources                                69
3.6    Methods of Administration of Research Instrument            69
3.7    Methods of Data Analysis                         70
3.8    Reliability and Validity Tests                         72
4.0    Data Presentation and Analysis                         73
4.1    Data Presentation                                 73
4.2    Data Analysis and Interpretation                    74
4.3    Test of Hypothesis                                89
Reference                                    97
5.0    Summary of Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations     99
5.1    Summary of Findings and their Implications                100
5.2    Conclusions                                    106
5.3    Recommendations                                108
Bibliography                                 113

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