The Impact Of Accounting Information On Decision Making Process. (a Case Study Of Anammco Ltd)

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Accounting generally involves the process of identifying, measuring, and communicating economic information to permit informed judgements and decisions of users of the information.
         In other words, accounting is concerned with providing information, which will help decision makers to make decisions. To enhance creditability and utility of the information, the decision making process, established concepts, principles, standard and legal requirements are strictly followed in order to translate physical facts into money values and ensures that all types of report are integrated and prepared on consistent basis. 
The information provided by financial statement, cash flow, variance analysis, managerial costing in planning, organizing decision-making and control are invaluable to achieve objectives of the various interest groups. In spite of all the arrays of accounting tools at our disposal, organizations still wobble, trouble down the drain.
            It is against the background that the researchers delved into the study of the impact of accounting information on decision taking process of organizations. To this end, the relevance, time liners, accuracy, conciseness, and clarity of the information and modes of presentations of the users were examined.
         It is the objective of the researcher to highlight more vividly the invaluable importance of all these accounting tools and techniques in the decision-making process organization to better equip users of the job ahead. These researchers believe would help significantly in reviewing our economy.
             However, during the course of the research, the researcher discovered that proper and enough accounting information were being generated and applied substantially in organization studied such as ANAMMCO, point industry etc. also apply accounting information in decision making.
           Hence, it was concluded that the problems of the economy lies elsewhere other than insufficient generation and application of accounting information in decision making process in organizations.
         Based on the findings and conclusions the researcher recommended for further research into the other variables that might be contributing to our economy disorder. Therefore, the project was broken down into first chapter as indicated  in the table of contents. 

TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                        
Title page
Approval page                                                          
 Table of contents                        

1.0        Introduction
1.1  Background  of  the  study
1.2Statement  of the  problem
1.3Purpose of the study
1.4Scope and delimitation of the study
1.5Research  questions
1.6Statement of hypothesis
1.7Significance of the study
1.8Historical Development of the company (ANAMMCO LTD.)

2.1Review of related literature
2.2 Nature and objective of accounting
2.3The value of information
2.4Characteristics of accounting information
2.5Uses of accounting information
2.6Kinds of accounting information and tools 
for decision making.
2.7Summary of the related literature review.

3.1Research design
3.2Area of study
3.3Population of study
3.4Sample and sampling procedures
3.5Instrument for data collection
3.6Validation of the instrument
3.7Reliability of the instrument
3.8Method of data collection
3.9Method of data analysis

Data Presentation
4.1Presentation, analysis and interpretation of data.
4.2Hypothesis testing

Summary of Finding Conclusion and Recommendations
5.1Summary of findings
5.2Discussion of findings
5.5Implication of the study
5.6Suggestion for further study
5.7Limitation of the study
References / bibliography

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