2 Dec 2020

How to Read and Understand Faster

Reading and understanding complete the learning process. Reading success in this process is determined by your reading comprehension. Reading becomes useless if you can’t understand what you are reading.  Do you read a book over and over
23 Nov 2020

How to Combine Work With School

Not everyone has rich parents to provide for them.  Some students have to hustle to feed and solve other academic issues. Working while you’re in school gives you that feeling and experience of the labour market. It’s
6 Nov 2020

Why You Should Hire a Professional Academic Researcher

Articles and story writing can be fun as it allows you to use informal words, slangs, and the ability to put your feelings into writing. But when it comes to writing your thesis, projects, and essay papers,
1 Nov 2020

Welcome to Nigeria’s First Academic and Project Materials Search Engine

We are happy to welcome you to the official blog of Projectstoc, Nigeria’s first project search and academic materials research center. Projectstoc is an academic repository poised to help scholars and students from across the country easily
1 Nov 2020

Latest Project Topics and Materials in Accounting Uploaded

As we warm up for our launch in January of 2012 (just a few days from now) we wish to inform you that we have just added some detailed project materials to our Projects and academic materials
12 Jul 2019

How to Develop a Very Good Research Question

The research question is key to carrying out your research. Most times it builds the premise to determining the scope of what you are to research on. To develop a good research question you should first understand
12 Jul 2019

Interesting Computer Science Research Project Topics

Students are always on the search for relevant research topics for their degree/masters/postgraduate diploma research work. For Computer Science students we have compiled some interesting project topics you can choose from for your research work. Design and
18 Jul 2018

How to Find New Research Topics for Your Project or Thesis

For students finding suitable research topics is the first hurdle when it comes to academic research. As is the practice in some universities you may be asked to come up with suitable research topics you’d want to
18 Jul 2018

5 Resources for Finding Academic Information for Your Tests, Assignments and Papers

Whether you are writing an essay, a research paper or class assignment you may find that you need help to get some information or data necessary for your work. So aside asking colleagues to help what other
9 Apr 2018

Nursing and Nursing Science Project Topics and Materials You Can Use

Looking for project topics in Nursing and Nursing Science can be challenging for a final year student writing your project or dissertation. However, there are several ways to generate good Nursing project topics. Here are some things