Some Selected English Project Topics and Complete Materials for Degree Students

English Language project topics and their materials have been added to the growing Academic Library on Projectstoc. For students majoring in English Language and looking for current well written topics for the degree project work please check the below topics ;

1. Satire And Social Mediation In Wole Soyinka’s: A Case Study Of The Trials Of Brother Jero And A Play Of Giants

The work focuses on the social and political ills prevalent in the African societies with the view of correcting them thus, making the contemporary society a better place to live. Using two texts from renowned Nigeria writer, we see the economic, social and political evils which morally degrade our society and the community at last.

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2. Racism And Oppression In Black American Literature: An Example Of Richard Wright’s Black Boy

This study attempts to make readers realize these themes in Richard Wright’s Black Boy by analyzing the concept of racial segregation of Black in America. It examines the historical perspective of Black writing narrative and the effects of racism and oppression, which include poverty, hunger assault etc. and the ways through which the blacks reacted to racism.

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3. Predominant Stylist Used By Ngugi Wa Thiong’o In Wizard Of The Crow

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4. Lexico – Semantic Analysis Of Viewpoint Column Of Punch Newspaper

This is an attempt to investigate the extent to which Nigerian columnists use the lexico-semantic features of Nigerian English for their reportings. This work has adopted the lexico-semantic variation of Nigerian English as identified by Babatunde (2001) as our working parameters alongside our data which are randomly selected dailies in the months of April, May, August, November and December 2010.

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5. Language In Feminist Literature (A Study Of Mariama Ba’S So Long A Letter)

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6. Images Of Social Vices In Contemporary Nigerian Poetry: A Study Of Denja Abdullahi’S Mairogo And Jide Balogun’S The Desert In The River

As a result of social vices in our immediate environments this research work aims at bringing out how contemporary writers have reacted to the bad happening in the society, especially using Denja Abdullahi’s Mairogo and Jide Balogun’s The Desert in the river using sociological theory to investigate social vice that were present in the two texts and it is discovered that poetry is used as a means of achieving an egalitarian society.

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7. Effects Of Nigerian R&b Music On The Use Of English Language In Nigeria

This research work has examined the various ways in which the Nigerian R&B music affects the use of English language using four randomly selected Nigerian R&B tracks. The result of the analysis shows that Nigerian R&B music introduces and changes a lot in English vocabulary.

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8. A Stylistic Analysis Of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’S The Thing Around Your Neck

Stylistics is the study and interpretation of texts from a linguistic and literary perspectives. This work was done to examine the basic linguistic features that have been used by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in The Thing Around Your Neck to pass some messages across to the readers and the society. A functional approach was adopted, an approach where particular note is taken of the stylistic function, effect and thematic significance of linguistic features in a literary text.

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